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Thread: guitar/bass tablature program

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    Default guitar/bass tablature program
    it'd be really cool to have a program to keep track of guitar and bass tabs...i'm envisioning something simple, where the menu is simply a list of artists that you have tabs for, then clicking on the artist would bring you to a list of albums or straight to the songs, and it could be as simple as having them stored in text files on the iphone...

    i just have so freaking many it would be great to have an organized way to open and read them...right now i have them on my phone and i'm reading them through safari
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    I do this already using lighttpd/php. I simply have my music organized by title and separated into alphabetic subfolders (A-C, D-H etc), but of course if you're SSHing into your phone you can create whatever structure you like. I have nearly 500 songs and I can find a particular one in just a couple of seconds.

    I have mine set up so I can read either with Safari or ruBooks. The cool thing about ruBooks is that it can auto-scroll, although right now it's a bit too fast to work while playing, even at it's slowest speed.

    If you don't have the Lighttpd/PHP setup and you're just using the Safari local file mod, I'd highly recommend you check it out. The file navigation is many times smoother and faster and you get the added plus of being able to log into your phone from a computer and print a song as needed!

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