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Thread: Guitar tuner

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    Default Guitar tuner
    I would love to see some type of tuning software for guitars..Since their is a mic then there could be the ability to compare the tones to give the correct tuning..just a thought

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    Funny thing... I had the same idea a while ago. I've been trying to get TheSpicyChicken to write this. But he's too busy for now.

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    haha..i need to figure out how to program with this ****..I have a ton of ideas but cant do **** with em

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    What desktop OS? Getting Windows/CygWin to work was a pain, but once its going it isn't too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NetMage View Post
    What desktop OS? Getting Windows/CygWin to work was a pain, but once its going it isn't too bad.
    dude, awesome, can u give instructions on how to on how to make a toolchain in CYGWIN. a guide would be better.

    thank you very much.

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    Isn't there an application that tunes guitar?

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    im running windows vista, but am only familiar with VB..and I thought I may have seen some program that may tune guitars but after searching earlier this week I could not locate it so I thought I was loosing my mind. Although it was possibly a webapp but a full program would be much better. It could have alt tunings and such..and my iphone is useless in the area i live..

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    I was just about to start a thread on this. That would be the coolest and most useful app on the iPhone. For me at least. I want to see a reall tuner app though. Not just one that plays music clips of the correct tones, although that would be a start. We gotta find someone to make this!

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    For those who stumble upon this later in life...

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