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Thread: Palm Desktop sync with iphone!!!

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    Default Palm Desktop sync with iphone!!!
    As a Palm user for the past six years I became used to the simplicity and direct access to my data the Palm Desktop offered. Now that I've been forced to use Outlook, I really, really, really would love it if someone would come up with an alternative. Outlook is clunky, requires lots of overhead, and doesn't respect my fields as imported from Palm!

    Can someone find a way to seamlessly sync the iphone with the Palm Desktop database?

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    Default Palm Desktop to iPhone using Companionlink
    Just wanted to add my two cents...

    I just switched from my Palm Tx to the iPhone 3GS and needed to transfer over all of my calendar data from Palm Desktop (I don't use Outlook, although it is installed on my computer). I had a hard time finding an easy way to do this, and I didn't want to pay a lot of money, but I eventually found Companionlink for Google. It took three steps, but it got the job done - and the trial evaluation was free!!

    Sync CRM and PIM data with iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Google - CompanionLink Software

    Essentially, what it let me do is first sync my Palm Desktop Calendar with Google Calendars. I then used the program a second time to sync Google Calendars with Outlook (which was important, because I have Outlook 2002, which Google does not currently support). After that, it was easy to get iTunes to sync with Outlook and transfer over all of my calendar data.

    I didn't sync my contacts, but it does that as well. It also seems to work for other phones (like the palm Pre), and if you purchase the full version you can use it to continually sync your data back and forth.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Greetings all. Having gone from Palm to Blackberry and recently to an Iphone 3gs, I must say that IMO, nobody- including Apple-- nailed the concept of PIM synchronization better than Palm with it's Palm Desktop. Put the phone in its cradle and press a button. BAM! That was it. It was simple. It worked flawlessly. No whistles and bells. No need for Outlook, Google or other third party out there in the clouds. I desparately want that for my Iphone.

    I'm a newly registered member here and this is, in fact, my first post. I hate to start off begging, but someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this dream a reality. If Palm Desktop is not possible for some reason, how 'bout something similar for Mozilla Sunbird?

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    I once had all my contacts in palm as well, and I will admit it is the best way to sync...but just so that you know you can get them onto an iPhone by exporting the contacts as Vcards and then importing as vCards with Address Book....then you can export the calendar as vCal and import via iCal as vCal's.... all this will do is transfer your contacts and calenders from Palm desktop to Contacts and iCal so that they can be synced with your phone...
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    That really only gets you a one way sync, though. Still, thanks for the tip. I wonder why calendar sync is such an ignored area of app development. I guess everyone is in the cloud.

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