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Thread: [GAME]LocoRoco for iPhone?

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    Default [GAME]LocoRoco for iPhone?
    I think this would be awesome. If anyone has played this game on PSP, you would have an idea of how well it could work on the iPhone. The games controls are simple. L and R to tilt the world to make the locoroco's roll, L+R to make them jump. iPhone LocoRoco, Tilt phone to make them roll, onscreen button's for jump, break up and join back together... Simple as that. If this can't be done with the the tools we have now, I hope Sony or some random person will put this out for the iPhone with the SDK.

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    omg, tht would be so cool (i had the demo for psp)  03473

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    oh my gosh that's a good idea!!! That would be sooo cool!!! I would soo donate money to help the person(s) build this!! Or even buy this, no joke.
    Please don't stop the music

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    I would as well. It's one of these games that would just suit the iPhone perfectly.

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    Yay! People agree with me lol w00t. Yeah after hearing about Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone, I thought, "why not LocoRoco?"

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    Yeah that'd be so cool! I'm already in love with the LocoRoco theme for the iPhone. =D I'm willing to pay a bit of money for it too!

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    LocoRoco on the iPhone!!! would be the most amazing thing EVER!!!! good suggestion...and your right in saying with the controls and everything...its pretty much built for the iphone....
    Someone please make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Let's just hope that if someone does. Sony doesn't sue the living s**t out of them.

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    Hmm, funny. I was thinking about this game when I saw a demo app of the acceleration sensor. Also, as I'm into programming (also games), I was actually planning to make a game like Loco Roco. However, I'm quite new to cocoa touch, so it will take me a little while to learn this first

    Probaly someone else makes it first, but otherwise, I would like to make a try someday.

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    yo that would be badass!!!! Sony would probably get really pissed though look at the PSP homebrew scene and how many pirates they have on their own system.

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    Well, if you do not copy every single bit of LR, they can't really get pissed off I assume... Stillthough, the idea stays the same then, but the iPhone system is way better than a L-R button system

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