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Thread: Remove jailbreak, keep old FW 4.0?

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    Default Remove jailbreak, keep old FW 4.0?
    After getting no where with an old iphone 3gs from a friend that was bricked, I have now received a fully functional old 3gs from another friend! I am very weary about bricking this one, so I would really appreciate all the help i can get. Here's the info on the phone: (if more info is needed please let me know)

    iphone 3gs, model MC136LL
    Version 4.0 (8A293)
    Serial XX001XXX
    Modem Firmware 05.13.04

    It was on ATT, and my friend is requesting an unlock code from ATT, so i can use this on tmobile.
    I would like to remove the jailbreak and keep the older OS 4.0. I want the older OS because i just want phone and internet/fb functionality to be as quick and reliable as possible. I don't really use newer apps.

    My search of forums has shown conflicting advice and results. Some say to go thru the cydia app, some say just using itunes to restore will work, others say redsnow custome fw is needed. Can anyone help with this? thanks!

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    My first question is why do you want to remove the jailbreak?

    A jailbreak iphone is the greatest innovation next to moon pie

    Secondly, if ATT approves the unlock request, you can just restore to a stock 4.1 firmware via itunes, and it will remove the jailbreak. Restoring will NOT lock the phone back up since the IMEI of the phone has been put on ATT's approved list for unlocked iphones.

    This will make sure the phone is as "quick and reliable as possible".

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