I have two 3gs...first one was in 4.3.3..was trying to change the baseband to ipad 6.15.00 bb in order to unlock...ok the process with redsnow went fine when iPhone was rebooted I went to Setting to chk the bb... I notice that WiFi n Bluetooth tab is disable on Setting ...due to that phone keeps shuts off every after few mins.

Other second phone was on 4.3.5...I downgraded to 4.1... worked fine but again when I was trying to install ipad baseband ...I end up with same WiFi n Bluetooth missing...I did Restore thru itunes again its now in recovery mood which can't be remove using ireb..

Don't kno what to do now n why I end up in this situation...for ur info I did change iPhones baseband many times b4 with out this issue...Plz help