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Thread: Volume Buttons / Mute Switch not working? [3GS/6.15/4.3.5]

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    So after the 6.15 upgrade and 4.3.5 tethered jailbreak, the volume buttons and mute switch functionality are gone. I tried removing all possible apps that could affect them through Cydia and rebooted, but its the same deal.

    I was hoping Activator could remap the button functionality but silent/volume actions aren't in its set. Any ideas? I'm open to downgrading, but I'm pretty sure it's not possible until they refresh pwnagetool or snowbreeze

    Any ideas are much appreciated thanks!

    For reference I have blobs: 4.1, 4.3.3, 4.3.5
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    i do not think this is a software issue by what u are saying this is a hardware problem , i deal with ton's of iPhones a month and a very common hardware issue is the vibrate and the volume keys on the side,
    u can try downgrading to 4.3.3 or 4.1 and see if it fixes the issue but i highly doubt it ! jailbreaking or updating ur baseband does not make the buttons on the iPhone too stop working ive never heard of a case like that anyways and ive personally have jailbroken some 1000 iPhones !

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    Yeah, I thought it was odd. I thought maybe some error in a tweak might have unmapped the buttons, and at the same time I'm a little skiddish about taking my ipad bb jailbroken device to the apple store. I can only imagine what they'll say when they try to reboot the device -.-

    So do you think I should just take it in as is (4.3.5 tethered boot and all) and see what they'll do, or try and downgrade to 4.1 so it will at least boot untethered?

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    OUCH , yea big problem with that u just voided ur Apple warranty when u put the iPAD baseband , sorry i had to be the one to tell u that , but its the truth ,
    ur best bet is too take it to a local mobile repair shop , and let them fix it for u for like 30-50bucks ,
    but i dont see whats the big deal u can always adjust it within settings !

    you could always try too play nice and see if u can just let them look at it and tell u whats wrong so then u can know how much the piece would cost on ebay and get it and let somebody local repair it for u ,
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    This is true, but it's always nice having the button functionality you should have right? Do you think the apple store will check the baseband? If I downgrade to 4.1 and rejail it, as long as they don't check for the baseband it should be in the clear and they'll just do the repair.

    Or I can just change it in settings haha

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    nop no way around it they will know u changed the baseband and will tell u sorry we dont even have too look at this iPhone , but like i said u can play nice and at least try too let them look at it and see whats going on , dont even say anything when u go in there, just be like hi the buttons are not working right can u please advise me whats wrong , and if they say something about the baseband u can always play dumb oh i didnt know my friend took it for me and said he would put some cool games on there or whatever , it maybe would get u a free check up but a free repair i dont think so

    best of luck too you , if u need help with downgrading to 4.3.3 or 4.1 there is plenty of posts with easy ways too do it on this forum !
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    So I downgraded to 4.1, stuck on 6.15 and loaded some apps and stuff onto the phone to make it look most legit. Took it to the Apple Store, cleaned out my headphone jack because something was deep inside that kept headphones from working right and the cable came unseated for the volume buttons. They fixed it all, packaged it up and said not a word about the bb. I don't even think they checked.

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