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Thread: Downrgade 3GS from 4.1 to 3.2

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    You can do the downgrade with 10 then downgrade for the jb

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    downgrade to 4.0.1 with itunes 10? if so i may just download the 4.0.1 file and do that.

    and will the jailbreakme website do a full jailbreak for me?

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    I was saying you can go to 3.1.3 using iTunes 10, you would just need 9 for spirit.

    However, if you go to 4.0.1 you won't need to downgrade iTunes, you just go to via safari on your phone. Easier.

    Jailbreakme can even jb 3.1.3 thinking about it!
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    right il go for the 4.0.1 then. just need to find the restore file now. i really hope this works lol

    got 15KB/s download speed :'(

    has 4.0.1 got multitasking? what benefits are there over the 3.1.3?

    has 4.0.1 got multitasking? what benefits are there over the 3.1.3?
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    Yes multitasking, plus folders. Some programs need iOS 4 to run. There's spell checking too.

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    right il wait for this super slow internet connection to download that then and go down the jailbreakme route. i need to learn not to mess with things in the future haha

    i cant wait for this, its saying 4 hours left lol. 3.1.3 it is.

    i cant wait for this, its saying 4 hours left lol. 3.1.3 it is.

    so what do i need to do, start uberella, click on start TSS server, open itunes, go into DFU, shift restore, restore to 3.1.3 and then go and slide the thingy to do the JB?
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    Correct! Easy

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    think its worked and i signed up for mobileme today so hopefully i can get everything back after jailbreakme has worked its magic.

    Ben (guessing thats your name) thank you so much.

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    You may have to use the "kick device out of recovery" button in tinyumbrella after an error towards the end of the restore process. It's normal

    You might still have lost your contacts, but if you put them in again you'll not lose them again. Also check out an app called find my iPhone in the apple store, it's free and a cool benefit of a mobile me account.

    Did you manage to sync your contacts into mobile me before the restore? If so it should be ok
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    think i did but ive just used yesterdays backup to restore eveything. didnt know how to get the mobileme stuff back :S. i also need to find all of the packages i had on cydia as spirit installed more than this for me.

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    Add your mobile me account to your email settings, and set it to sync contacts

    You'll have to add repos to cydia and reinstall your old packages.
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    Honestly, I've been looking on how to jailbreak my iPhone 3G for a while. It's running 4.1 firmware, and I am wondering if I should downgrade it or what's a good program to jailbreak iPhone 3G's with 4.1 firmware?

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    Can u help me downgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizporco View Post
    Can u help me downgrade
    What do you want to downgrade, I need details of idevice, firmware you are on, what jailbreak is performed ..

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    How can I downgrade or restore my IPhone to 3GS again.

    I need to restore back my IPhone 3GS, please can u help me.
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    If you've got an iPhone 4 send it to me and I'll restore it to a 3GS for you!

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    Seriously, there are tons of members who are willing to help (because we are so nice ) but PLEASE, be a bit more detailed in your request for help .... just posting "Please Help Me Downgrade" will not get you a lot of replies.

    We need the device you're using ... what firmware you are currently on ... any history of jailbreaking previously.

    You don't go to a mechanic and just say .. "Please Fix my Car" and just leave the car right?

    Details please!

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    I have one of the newest upgrades and I was wondering if you can tel me how to downgrade

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