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Thread: Help me SHSH my brick

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    Default Help me SHSH my brick
    Hi guys

    Yesterday i added a new theme, when in Cydia to d/l it i noticed i had a lot of new updates too, so i installed those first, was around 20 or so, from springjump updates to backgrounder to themes etc, i hadnt updated any in some time as you can tell.

    Anyway i suspect one of the updates has caused conflict/issues, as i was up and running fine for a while, applied my new theme, all was ok.
    I noticed one issue yesterday, that was the volume icon when increasing or decreasing would stay on the screen and not fade away after a second like it should do - if i pressed the power btn twice though [to standby and un-standby] it went away - so i considered it a minor glitch.

    Today though, i had to power off and now cannot power back on.
    I just get the silver apple logo, have done soft resets and it just loops, sometimes i get the spinning load symbol over the apply logo too, sometimes i dont.
    Cannot get past this screen and i have done the soft reset many times now.

    I know i have my SHSH backed on Cydia, for my 3.0.1 and in top of Cydia it used to say 3.1.3 4.0 4.1

    I guess it is time for me to hard reset?
    Restore my phone and re J/B, but i want to make sure i know to do it correct, and not accidently restore to a newer F/W.

    So do i need to use Cydia servers to do my restore?
    Is there a readme on here somewhere for this please?

    cheers for your help!

    ok i think i might need to do this
    iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

    and connect to itunes in the DFU mode.

    if this is correct, can anyone confirm please if this will reset my phone to my existing F/W [3.1.3] or will it reset it to the current one, and push me up to 4.1.0 or whatever the current is?

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    Download and run firmware umbrella's TSS server. This will allow you to restore to whatever FW you want that you have shsh on file for. You can put your phone into dfu or recovery mode.

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    Thanks Poseidon79, I have d/l that program, along with JAVA as it wouldnt run without it.

    I now have another hurdle which I cannot overcome [argh!]

    The program wont run as something blocking port :80

    I am running Win7, so have opened a CMD prompt with right-click 'run as administrator'...

    I then ran:
    netstat -aon | find ":80"

    Found it was process 4, so then ran:
    taskkill /PID 4

    But got this:
    ERROR: The process with PID 4 could not be terminated.
    Reason: This process can only be terminated forcefully (with /F option).

    So ran:
    taskkill /PID 4 /F

    But i then get this:
    ERROR: The process with PID 4 could not be terminated.
    Reason: Access is denied.

    So I still cant actually run this Umbrella program yet, you know a way i can get around this, i did run CMD as administrator so not sure why i havent the permissions?


    PS: I just tried looking in Task Manager under Serices Tab, sorted by PID but none of the processes listed show a PID as '4'


    I hit lucky.
    Thought I'd just restore via iTunes, expecting to end up with newest f/w and just deal with it.
    I did it and it reset successfully to my 3.1.3 which is fine, re j/b and started again to d/l all my tweaks.
    No biggie I lost some photos and contacts, but probably benefit from starting afresh anyway, just glad I was able to get it running again.

    Case closed, thanks for your help Poseidon79

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