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Thread: 3GS with new boot rom 359.3.2 & ios4.0.2

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    Default 3GS with new boot rom 359.3.2 & ios4.0.2

    Just got a replacemnet phone today as mine was stuck in DFU mode and would not restore.

    I have a new 3gs with 4.0.2 and new bootrom 359.3.2 - Obviously cydia doesn't have my SHSH on file. Where does this leave me with jailbreaking, can i downgrade or is there a jailbreak before i upgrade to iOS 4.1



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    There is no jailbreaks yet for 4.0.2 or 4.1, maybe soon..... you can't downgrade.

    If you rely on an unlock then stay on 4.0.2 as 4.1 is also unlockable.

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    thanks for clarifying

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    You'd be surprised if you checked with Cydia using TinyUmbrella. Cydia might just have your blobs saved. It doesn't hurt to try checking as it only involves downloading the latest TinyUmbrella and connecting your iphone to check with Cydia. Who knows, you might be lucky.

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    He still won't be able to unlock even if he was lucky enough.

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    no luck, thanks for your help guys. I'll just have to be patient.

    It was being impatient that got me into this mess in the first place!

    I bricked the phone by applying the spirit2pwn patch from this guide

    Sn0wbreeze 2.0 iOS 4.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS New Bootrom Releasing on Wednesday | Redmond Pie

    i was on the old bootrom and jailbroken with - so as per the guide i needed to patch. It ****** my phone basically. Thankfully the genius bar replaced it. I was getting error 28 and couldn't restore at all!


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    Azreil was right, it was worth checking. I was getting my threads mixed up!

    Snowbreeze 2.0 isn't out yet. Did spirit2pwn definitely cause your problem? I found it strange to hear to would work with jailbreakme. You've confirmed it doesn't!

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    yep, it didn't install correctly and cydia said so. It was removed. However when i rebooted the phone was just dead. I've seen another post elsewhere with the same issue too. Luckily the genius bar replaced it for me this morning.

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