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Thread: need help in hactivating the phone

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    Default need help in hactivating the phone
    currently i have Iphone 3Gs(2.1.2) jailbroken and unlocked with BlackSn0w and BlackRa1n. after a lot of thinking i finally decided to move on to (3.1.3) and jailbreak and unlock using SPIRIT and ULTRASN0W. I went through lot of blogs and came to know that if i need to move onto 3.1.3 i need to hactivate the phone after restoration( Note: i already have my SSHH blobs saved for 3.1.3 in cydia). i am currently in india and i some how got hold of active AT&T prepaid card. Now my question is

    1) I inserted my Prepaid card into Iphone but it says no service reason being it does not have international roaming. do we need to have the roaming activated sim to hactivate the phone after restoration to 3.1.3
    2) even if i get the roaming activated sim , i would see either Airtel or Vodafone as service provider. would it be fine to have this to hactivate the phone?

    This is the first time i am doing the restoration. kindly guide me

    Note: i havent retored the phone to 3.1.3 yet and waiting for reply to proceed

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    When you reboot your phone do you have to re-run blackra1n to get it to boot again? If not then your phone has the old bootrom. And if that's the case you would be better off using pwnage tool or sn0wbreeze to create a custom firmware and restore to that. Doing that will bypass the activation screen for you.

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    No, mine is not a teethered jaibreak so when ever i reboot i need not have to re-run blackra1n.But i want to use SPIRIT and UltraSn0w to jaibreak and unlock as this seems to be easy rather than creating the custom firmware using sn0wbreeze

    P.S there is a typo in my previous post. currently i am in 3.1.2 not on 2.1.2 as mentioned

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    Correct me if I am wrong but the last firmware version that allows for hactivation is 3.1.2 for the 3Gs. I wonder why you would want to go for 3.1.3? Is there any special features in that firmware as compared to 3.1.2?

    I was on 3.1.2 and I went up to 4.0 using the Pwnagetool custom firmware method. Upgrading to 3.1.3 never occured to me though coz I always thought that there was nothing special about that firmware. As I said I may be wrong with this one as well.

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    i am facing some problems on 3.1.2 like my battery is draining fast and also i frequently get sad Iphone page i.e my spring board crashes. so i want to move to 3.1.3 at the same time i dont want to move to 4.0.1 as i read that it has more battery issues. so i want to go to 3.1.3 and really check if the battery drain issue is because of jailbreaking or if there is some thing fault in my Iphone battery itself.

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    Hmm I encountered a lot of sad iphone error (I mean, there was one time where the phone kept crashing on me) when I was on 3.1.2. That seems to be a 3.1.2 issue coz on 4.0, it's pretty stable (happens once in a while but not as often as when I was on 3.1.2)

    I didn't have too much of a problem with the battery though (but then again, I would be lucky to get 2 full days on a full charge (usually, it'll be 1.5 days) and that was with 3G switched off. If I switch on 3G all the time, I'd be lucky if I get 7 hours of battery life. Same with iOS4.0, 3G is a battery killer.
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