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Thread: Black rain of death?

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    Default Thanks guys
    I Haven't gotten much sleep. I will look through this closer when I get some brain cells to wake up.

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    Default Update to iOS4.0.1 now!
    Oh! And batmannn, contrary to popular belief, or maybe I am just really lucky here, Apple is still signing 4.0.1 hashes or at least on the 3GS. I just downgraded an iPhone 3GS mere seconds before making this post. So the option is there for you to update to stock 4.0.1 from Apple and then go the route.
    I'm just floating ideas. But it will be nice if you can get to 4.0.1. You will be able to save your signed SHSH files for 4.0.2. and You WILL have 4.0.1 on file as well. That means if there are any problems in the future, you will always be able to downgrade to 4.0.1 and jailbreak without any problems.
    Think about it.
    SMS: OK
    MMS: OK
    YouTube: OK
    Maps: OK
    GPS: Frikkin Awesome!!!
    iTunes Music Store: OK
    AppStore: OK
    Cydia: Speedy

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    Default Thanks
    I just got my T-mobile simm by UPS. I am going to look this over again. If all else fails I can always restore with my modified 3.1.3 correct?
    I don't have service yet so Jailbrakeme,com only works with you using the internet on your phone? Do I use wi fi? I am not planning on getting a data package. What do you recommend? I want to unlock it now or after update for use with T-Mobile. What program do I use? The post above said I would have to wait to unlock it if I go to 4.0. I am a little confused. What woulk be the best path to go on this to get up to 4,0 or higher and still keep my lock? So I would upgrade o 4.0 using the connection to iTunes and then take it to a Wi Fi location and use What would be the best route step by step? I am reading and they are sayoing differnet things for Black rain or Pwnage Tool. I first Jailbraked with Black rain and my phone got stuck in the boot loop but pwnage tool brought it back and installed me 3.1.3,,,, So is my phone actually jailbroke by Black Rain or Pwnage tool as far as moving forward they seem to want me to know which is relevent. Since I used both I am insure? I do not have a Black rain icon on my phone. According to the YouTube video I am supposed to have that. So since it is not there is my Phone Jailbroken by Pwnage? I do have a Cyndia button though.
    This is the video I just watched

    Thanks, Scott
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    Default Success
    OK Guys I am up on T-Mobile with 3.1.3. Should I go on to 4.0? Unlocked and Jailbroke on my G3S can anyone confirm that I can move up to 4.0 now? Which software? I used Black Rain, Pawnge and repo666.ultsn0w Thanks

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