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Thread: Yet another noob wanting to downgrade :-/

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    Talking Yet another noob wanting to downgrade :-/
    my iphone is a 3GS 4.0.1 firmware and is jailbroken. I pretty much love it, except my speaker is SO quiet. I see all the volume boosts that work for OS 3.0 and such and I want to downgrade. My phone is boosted all the way up and when my phone is in my pocket, i cant hear text messages/the phone ringing and its VERY frustrating.

    My question is- if I use the instructions found on CNET TV to downgrade, will I be able to jailbreak again? I love my phone but its just so darn quiet Ive even considered posting on Craigslist to trade someone ("i'll trade my 32gb for your 16gb if it has a loud speaker!")

    Does anyone have experience with these "Volume Boosts"? does it work like they claim to?

    Layman's terms for explaining the downgrade/re-jailbreak are appreciated. Ive been browsing around on this forum and have successfully gotten myself very confused, so i registered, in order to post myself

    I will give +rep/karma/thumbs up or whatever it is on this forum (It changes from forum to forum, teehee) for all helpful answers

    The iPhone Noob.

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    There are two possiblities either your speakerphone has had moisture and damaged the speakers or you are wearing a very thick pants.
    Firmware 3.1.2,3.1.3 and 4.0 has the same quality of sound on my iphone.

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    It's been reported that 3Gs users that has upgraded to iOS 4 is experience a marked decrease in the volume. I basically had to crank up the volume to the maximum when I want to listen to songs on my iPhone. What I have found, when I googled for the problems was that the EQ settings in the iPod settings is the culprit. It should be turned off and the volume limit should be cranked up to maximum.

    I'm not sure if this is related to your phone (ringing/sms etc) problems. But I'd give it a shot.

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