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Thread: Cant downgrade even with shsh blobs?

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    for some reason you seem to be able to go to 3.1.2 without shsh files.
    imnot sure why. just google 3.1.2 firmware and make sure you have tiny umbrella.. if your not 100% on what to do to downgrade then google is your friend... i have basic instructions posted on a blog also iphone info support repairs and random stuff

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    It's 345 in the morning... Fun [[sarcasm]].

    I'll try everything your blog says tonight when i get home.

    Any advice on why my TU won't work at all?

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    ive found there is issue's with going up from there and for the life of me right now i can work out what it is..
    seems everything will go back 3.1.2 but i cant get it to then go up from there to 3.1.3 or 4.0 so far. im not sure if this is something that im doing wrong or not. of if it is just a lack of the shsh files on some of the phones im playing with but in saying that i was under the impression you could always update to non current firmware through itunes. ill keep looking into it as i really would like to be on 3.1.3 and be able to go to 4.0

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    Downgrade from iPhone OS 4.0 Beta, Back to iPhone OS 3.1.3 | Mac|Life

    I found this...

    I also read your blog and i wanted to ask where you found the firmware for 3.1.2 on google. I have been looking since I got your post and i can't find anything.

    Can you post a link to the down load? Also, i never had 3.1.2 before.

    I'm also needing to know how to get tiny umbrella to work for me. I don't know why it keeps coming up with these bullish_t errors.

    Any advice on that?

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    iPod, iPhone and iPad Firmware Download
    theres one link for them but they come up on apple forums as well i believe.
    not sure why you would be getting errors from umbrella i didnt have any issue what are you running? it seems fine on xp and windows 7.
    theres also a program called irecovery which i havent had running but im told it does the same sort of thing.

    that link you posted is one of the first ones i read but i dont run a mac. ive seent he same instructions a few times though so i can only assume it will work
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    Windows xp

    Btw, what folder should I store the new firmware in?

    Alright well I really appreciate all of this.

    Your tutorial was very comprehensive and basically has everything mapped out perfectly.

    My problems with it are this:

    I can't get TU to recognize my phone or allow me to view shsh or save shsh.
    I know the shsh are saved because I clicked make my life easier. I'm just not clever enough to figure out my problem with TU in order to find them.

    So with that being said how can i work with TU and get past this mess?
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    hmmm i had posted a response here but its not here now lol
    i made a folder for the firmware because windows hides it somewhere that annoyed me to find lol
    as for TU not seeing your phone im not sure.. i havent had that issue except for when the phone is completely stuffed. might be worth trying irecovery i think its called ans see how that goes.

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    i think this is starting to get out of my realm of knowledge...
    im fairly knew to all of this so just learning as i go pretty much.
    i havent been able to use irecovery due to an issue with libusb or what ever it is. as for that hosts file ill have a look but im not to sure what im looking for to be honest

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    At this point anything is better than nothing. Thanks for your help man

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    no worries at all as i learn this stuff ill be posting it to my blog along with anything i test etc. im an audio visual tech and got into this by fixing a few people screens then i started buying broken phones and rebuilding them etc and now im trying to learn all this side of it as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjr3211 View Post
    i just this a couple days ago i used the latest itunes no problems i downloaded 3.1.2 for the 3g in itunes hit shift and restore point it at your firmware you just downloaded let itunes do its thing then use tiny unbrella to kick it out of recovery mode then use blackrain to jailbreak

    Hey JJ. I just did exactly what you said and my phone is all kinds of lost. Can you check out this link and respond to it. . . help me out by taking a guess.

    Also any mods or other people who know what they are doing.

    hey man I ended up fixing the host file. Now I got new problems.

    Ok i took the deal out of the host file and Im tryin TU on its own to see if it can access the server. . . Im starting from scratch tomorrow.

    Redownloading everything to fix any mistakes I have made.

    Hey I think I got close.

    I did 3.1.2 and i got error 3002 and 3014. Both claimed the phone couldnt be restored. . . . its up and running but on 4.0.2. Do I need to do anything other than download the file and shift + restore? Do I need to have a host file? Run TU? Anything?

    This one I followed word for word with the directions?

    Im settling for 3.1.2 now and gave up on 3.1.3 for now
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    U should be ok I got error 10?? Something and used tinyumbrella to kick it out of recovery and all has been fine mine is a 3G and then used blackrain to jailbreak let me know it goses

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    I'm thinking I messed up something somewhere along the way. I'm gonna remove and reinstall iTunes and TU and start over. Last night TU kept staying in one spot saying the scan had started and just kept runnin without saying anything else... Didn't say it was searching, crashed, found something.... Weird. Just kept running

    When i start over and now that i have a better idea of what I'm doing i will try the shsh blobs and TU.... Only this time with the right order for everything.

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    TU just keeps running most of the time i believe.
    i learnt tonight that you can run 3.1.2 and then get a think called fake 3.1.3 so that you can run most apps although im finding more apps aimed at 4.0 and up which sucks.
    make sure to put the phone into DFU mode to downgrade the firmware although i have read a few different things on that its worked everytime for me to go back to 3.1.2

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    everything is still a no go. . . could you pm me the directions for the 3.1.2 down grade or a link from this site that you used?

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    what happens when you try it?? does it do anything or even try to install the firmware?

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