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Thread: Multiple Different Errors

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    Angry Multiple Different Errors
    EDIT: I found out that I had corrupted USB drivers. Problem Found.

    I'm running iPod Touch 2G (MB Model) and I'm trying to put either 3.1.2 or 3.0 on my system, I don't care which. I had to downgrade to iTunes 8, and I found a copy on apple's website.

    Don't tell me to Upgrade iTunes. That is NOT an option. Also, don't tell me to put 3.1.3 on my device and use Spirit. That is also not an option. Also, don't tell me just to put 4.0 because a break will be released soon. This is too not an option. The redsn0w break for 4.0 did not work for me. iBooty didn't do anything either.

    This is what happened:
    I tried restoring to 3.1.2. I got Error 1604 after it said "Preparing iPod for Restore" for seemingly forever.

    Restarted iTunes. Tried again. Error 1604.

    Tried once more, this time with a different port and a different cable: Error 1604.

    Tried restoring to 3.0: I got farther: I got it to show me the bar right below the apple symbol. The bar never filled. Then, it jumped back into recovery, and said "Preparing iPod for Restore." Error 1611.

    Rebooted my Computer.

    Opened iTunes, and Tried restoring to 3.0. It got all the way to "Verifying iPod Software" and I though I had it, then It died on me. Error 10.

    Tried Restoring to 3.1.2. Almost Immediately got Error 13.

    Switched USB Cables. Tried Restoring to 3.1.2. After "Preparing iPod for Restore" for seemingly forever, Error 1603.

    Tried Restoring to 3.0. I got to "Verifying iPod Software" when the bar was about half filled, then I got Error 10.

    Tried Restoring to 3.1.2. Right after "Extracting Software" I got Error 13.

    Switched USB ports. Tried 3.1.2 Again. Error 1603.

    Closed iTunes. Put device in DFU, which reopened it. Tried restoring to 3.0. After the Restore bar on my Device was a little more than half Full, I got Error 10.

    Closed and reopened iTunes. Tried Restoring to 3.1.2. Error 1603.

    All in All, I Restored a Total of 12 Times, none of them Working. I got Error 1604, 1603, 1611, 10, and 13.

    Note: I got Error 1603 even when I manually put my iPod into Recovery Mode.

    I have already read Apple's help files. Don't recommend them, because I already know what's in them and I already know they don't work.

    Can anyone help me?
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