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Thread: What is "Jailbreaking and Unlocking"?

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    Default What is "Jailbreaking and Unlocking"?
    I am new at this stuff and want to know if someone could explain what the term of "Jailbreaking and Unlocked" is and what advantage it gives my iPhone? I have an iPhone GS 32 GB. I am using version 4.01 filmware i am sure it is the very latest version. I would like to know as simple as I can get it explained to me please. What are if any risks by doing this to my iPhone also? Thank you for any help someone can give me. Have a great day everyone.
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    Jailbreaking is the process of opening the phone up for installation of 3rd party apps. Unlocking is the process of allowing non-approved SIM cards to be used on your phone. If you have an approved provider, you only need to jailbreak your phone, not unlock your phone.
    Jailbreak and unlock can be reversed at any time simply by restoring through iTunes.

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    Jailbreaking is allowing you to run unathorized code on the phone. Stuff that apple restricts but it is not harmful to the phone. Unlocking is allowing it to run on any GSM network. MAny users do this because it is locked to a a carrier but want the other. Example locked to ATT but want to use it on T-Mobile network.

    Why: Jailbreak iPhone | iPhone News, Help and Guides

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    There is no risk envolved a I have found most mistakes can be fixed simply by restoring through iTunes. You would almost have to try to completely render the device useless. The biggest piece of advice I would give is don't rush anything. Always read carefully and fully before performing a jailbreak and installing any apps/tweaks you find in Cydia

    Cydia: will be installed after you jailbreak. Think of it as the unofficial app store, which contains not only apps but tweaks like volume boost and 5 + icons allowed in dock. Themes will also be available and not just that change your wallpaper but icons, text, and other crazy things

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