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Thread: save me some time: is it possible to go from 4.0 new bootband to old bootband?

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    Default save me some time: is it possible to go from 4.0 new bootband to old bootband?
    Hey all

    I bought a 3gs on craigslist yesterday and I've been trying all day to unlock it.

    When I had it, it was activated but honest to god I have no idea what firmware it was... I didn't even check. The last phone I had jailbroken was my 2g on 3.0.1... so I just plugged it in, opened pwnagetool 4.0, and let'er'rip with the apple 3gs 4.0 firmware file.

    I'm at the point where the only thing that will go on the 3gs is apple 4.0. I can't install anything else.

    I've been trying to figure out how to downgrade to 3.1.2 so I could then go up to 4.0 on old bootrom... but I'm at a loss.

    Is there any chance at all that I can somehow get this to work?

    It doesn't have to be 4.0, I'd be happy with 3.1.2.

    Just save me the time and let me know if there is a chance in hell for me to get this to work. If not, I'll sell the 3gs on ebay and life goes on.

    Thanks all,

    PS: my blobs are not stored on cydias servers.
    PPS: I am willing to jump through any hoops to make this work. I just want someone to stop me from trying if it's not going to happen

    I got my EDIC is it possible for me to upload shsh blobs to the cydia server?

    remember my phone is 4.0 apple with new bootrom

    and im trying to get to either 3.1.2 or 4.0 jailbroken/unlocked
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    No SHSHs = no downgrade. Sorry, you've just got to sit back and wait a couple of weeks for the new jb to be released.

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    By the way, if you are talking about changing your bootrom from new to old, I just say, it's imposible.
    As much as I know you need to change hardware to change your bootrom from new to old.

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    WTF is a bootband?? I don't know you're referring to bootrom, bootloader, or baseband in your post. Here's what you can do though:

    Connect your phone to TinyUmbrella and click "Display SHSH". If nothing is displayed, wait for the userland JB. There's nothing more you can do at this time. If you do see an SHSH for 3.1.3 or 3.1.2, come back and let us know. We'll point you in the right direction.

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