Hey guys. I don't know very much about jailbreaking/iPhone smart talk, but I just need some help.

When Spirit jailbreak came out, I used it to jailbreak my phone. I had my 3.1.3 file saved with cydia but then i went straight from 3.1.3 spirit jailbreak to iOS4 through itunes 9.2. After it was finished, i noticed my MMS wasn't even activated, visual voicemail was gone, calls were scratchy if i even received them and my 3G internet was VERY slow. I googled it and found that many people are having some similar issues. I'm sure there is a thread on here about this already but I couldn't find it.

What I need is to fix my iOS4. I figured going back down to 3.1.3 THEN upgrading to iOS4 from there (instead of going from spirit 3.1.3) may work. I'm probably wrong, though.

I tried doing a hard restore and it didn't work. Help please.

-I'm not really that interested in jailbreaking again from iOS4. I just want to get my phone working properly again
-My modem firmware (same thing as baseband??) is 5.13.04
-First 5 of my serial is 80939
-Model # is MC135LL
-I'm on Mac OS 10.5.8 if that makes any difference.
-Also I'm pretty sure that normal 3Gs is supposed to be at AT&T 7.1 by now. But mine says 7.0 in Settings. I may be wrong.

Thanks in advance, guys.

-Caleb C.