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Thread: I need an expert's advice to solve this puzzle...

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    Angry I need an expert's advice to solve this puzzle...
    Here is the issue.I have a new bootrom 3Gs,bought it with 3.1.3 version,now stuck on 4.0.I have saved my SHSH blobs on Saurik's server,and it showed up on the main page on Cydia. So I was pretty confident to try out the 4.0 on my device.
    I did,but I missed the jailbreak,so I successfully downgraded back to 3.1.3.Then I was going to exchange it in the Apple store for the i4,so of course, I restored to 4.0.Meanwhile,I read about Apple's plan to relase a newer firmware version,so they will stop signing the 4.0.The author warned to backup the 4.0,using "TinyUmbrella." I connected my device,and successfully backed it up.Anyway,the Apple store was out of stock,so I came home empty handed and again I tried to downgrade my 3Gs back to 3.1.3.SURPRISE! iTunes sent me this message:"This device is not eligible for the requested build."iTunes sends you this particular message ONLY if your device's SHSH was NOT saved on Saurik's server.But mine WAS,obviously,because that's why I could downgrade just a few days ago.The ONLY reason I can think of why iTunes doesn't allow me to downgrade any longer is because of "TinyUmbrella." Would be nice to reverse the backup with it,IF that is what caused the conflict.But realistically,I don't know.
    How come that my device is all of a sudden NOT eligible to the requested build,that is what puzzling me.
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    Hmmmm, I am wondering now if the shsh blogs has an expiry on it.

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    Yeah,bro,something is fishy here.

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    Did you edit your hosts file to redirect to Saurik's server when you restore?

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    I used <GRAB MY SHSH BLOB AUTOMATICALLY> brought to you by ih8sn0w.Just like that.I didn't have to go through the "host" files using ih8sn0w's method.(Check it out.) It worked like a charm,because I was able to downgrade my 3gs back to 3.1.3 from the iTunes updated/restored 4.0 firmware.
    But then I used "TinyUmbrella",after reading about Apple's plans to STOP signing the 4.0 firmware.I read bout it in REDMONDPIE's site,(Taimur Asad),who is a very reliable and trusted source.
    So now,iTunes REJECTS THE DOWNGRADE,saying the requested build is not eligible.So it MUST be the "TinyUmbrella" thingy to screw me up.Please,be AWARE.

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