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Thread: have 2 3GS phones, trying to jailbreak at least one of them

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    Default have 2 3GS phones, trying to jailbreak at least one of them
    My wife and I got new iPhone 4's and I want to give one of our old 3GS's to her cousin to use on T-Mobile. I have two 3GS's:

    3GS, 32GB, iOS 4.0 installed, bootrom iBoot-359
    3GS, 16GB, iOS 3.1.3 installed, bootrom iBoot-359.3

    Neither have any SHSH blobs stored on Saurik's servers.

    From what I've read so far, it looks like the one with 4.0 already installed is hopeless. Since I don't have the SHSH blobs from 3.x for it, there's no way to me to downgrade and jailbreak, and since it wasn't previously jailbroken, there's no way for me to use the latest PwnageTool to jailbreak it on 4.0 either.

    So that leaves me with the other phone, that has 3.1.3 currently installed, never been jailbroken, don't have any SHSH blobs, and has the new bootrom. Since it has the new bootrom, from what I've read, it doesn't sound like I will be able to jailbreak it and upgrade to 4.0 (still jailbroken). Is there anyway for me to jailbreak it and leave it on 3.1.3 for now? I've read that the Spirit tool may be able to jailbreak it, but given all the warnings about not being able to upgrade if you used Spirit, will that block me in the future from upgrading to 4.0 if they figure out how to jailbreak 4.0 on the new bootrom in the future?

    Is there any way for me to downgrade the bootrom from 359.3 to 359?

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    first off, be sure you do not have 9.2 itunes installed on your computer, spirit is only compatible with older itunes versions. For all the info, go to

    But yeah the 4.0 device is hopeless at the moment,
    But the 3.1.3 can be jailbroken and unlocked right now. You just need to download spirit from that link, jailbreak, then use ultrasn0w to unlock (use search to find a better tutorial, or google)
    One thing you really need to understand is, if you don't do something right, you won't have the luxury of just restoring back to 3.1.3, you'll be forced to restore to 4.0, and you'll be in the same boat as the other phone. So be sure to do a little research, and read everything from the site.

    No worries for the future though, you will always be able to restore to stock ios4, and once the new spirit is released you can just use that tool on that firmware. (the only reason it hasn't been released yet, is because 4.0.1 is right around the corner, and its best to wait for that update)
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!

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