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Thread: How long does downgrade take? Should I even be attempting downgrade when stuck in loop?

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    Default Should I even be attempting downgrade when stuck in "connect to iTunes" loop?
    My downgrade does not start or error out, it just hangs. I have shsh blobs on file with Cydia for 3.1.2 & 3.1.3. Host file is pointed to Cydia, in DFU mode I clicked restore while holding shift on my windows PC. I choose the 3.1.2 .ispw file, after verifying & whatever else it does. iTunes hangs at a popup with lime green "knight rider bar, scrolling from left to right" that say's "iPhone & waiting for iPhone!" My iPhone goes from blank/DFU mode, flashes white for a few seconds then the apple with load bar underneath. It just stay's there, iTunes saying "waiting for iPhone" & the load bar on my iPhones screen stay's empty. No loading, no errors & not restoring. After the "verifying with Apple" process, should the restore start right away? Or do I just wait?

    I do not need to unlock, I'm just trying to get out of the "iTunes loop." Spirit worked great for a week, then I used "iWipe" from Cydia to zero out free space before loading up my iPod. In the beginning my iPhone had the red dead battery, now it won't boot up. After i plug into my PC, cancel the update, close iTunes & Spirit does not recognize my iPhone. Just stay's at "connect to itunes" screen. Should I even be trying to downgrade? OR should I be doing something else? I've researched for day's, I have more question's than answers. Any help would be much appreciated, thank's!
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    The whole process will only take about 5 minutes to be restored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeow202 View Post
    The whole process will only take about 5 minutes to be restored.
    So I need to do something else to get out of the "connect to iTunes" loop right? I'm fine with 3.1.3, if my iPhone would boot up. Please anyone feel free to call me anything you would like or make any negative comment. Just make sure to follow it up with some suggestion or advice!

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