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Thread: Downgrade advice needed - is there hope?

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    Default Downgrade advice needed - is there hope?
    Hi folks

    I got the 3GS 16GB with 05.13.04 - iOS 4.0 GM and iTunes 9.2

    Like a tool I jumped on the iOS 4 Bandwagon and now I'm on the 4.0 GM.

    It's time to sell my 3GS - it would be worth so much more on eBay if it were jailbroken and unlocked.

    I haven't had any luck downgrading. I'm trying to get to a FW version that is jailbreak-able, like 3.1.2. Even when I alter my hosts file to point at Saurik's servers (where my SHSH is indeed on file) I get error messages about the version of Itunes I'm using.

    I tried backing down to iTunes 8 but when I connect it says "iTunes does not recognize this iPod" or something like that - it doesn't even call it an iPhone, it calls it an iPod.

    Even if I can't unlock, I still need to Jailbreak so I can change the carrier logo back to "AT&T" - right now it says "Bobby" which harms the resale value ^_^

    I appreciate any advice you can offer me! Oh - BTW - I have a MBP and a PC I can go either way with any version of iTunes...


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    you didnt mention if you had your SHSH file stored with Cydia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madman604x View Post
    you didnt mention if you had your SHSH file stored with Cydia.
    Sure I did - and yes it is.

    Thanks for taking a look anyway - I need help! Here's an update: When I connect my 3GS and hit "Restore" in Itunes 9.2 (which would presumably download and install 3.1.3) it fails to download it and gives me an error message which I can't remember - the error is instant - it kick in immediately and refuses to download 3.1.3.

    I downloaded 3.1.2 and tried to restore to that by pointing iTunes at Saurik's server and option-restore - it almost completes, then kicks up a 1015 at the very end :-(

    I gotta get this "Bobby" carrier logo off my screen and changed back to "AT&T" or it's really gonna scew up my eBay auction!!

    Thanks for your help

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    If you get the 1015 error can't you use Irestore after that part?

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    Ummm... do you mean "iRecovery"? I could try that...

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    yeah, sorry - iRecovery just to get pass the booting stage.

    If that work for you let me know, I think you can get it to boot in 3.1.2 but the band will still be on 5.13.04.

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    Huh - I'm having a heck of a time getting iRecovery to even work. I downloaded the Mac version from here iRecovery: Get Out iPhone from Recovery Mode Loop on Restart | iPhone but when I try and execute the command from terminal "irecovery -s" I get the message "command not found" - I have tried navigating Terminal to the directory where the irecovery Unix executable resides, but it still doesn't work...

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    make sure the naming is correct, otherwise if you are on the mac you can drag the irecovery file into the terminal and then add the -s after it.

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    OK - nice - thanks! That "worked" in the sense that I am now at iTunes attempting to restore from my backup. However, I'm getting the message "The backup "Bobby's iPhone" cannot be restored to this iPhone because the software on the iPhone is too old" which I guess makes sense, because the last time I backed up I was on 4.0 GM...

    w000000000000000t!!!!!!! My carrier logo says "AT&T" - the "Bobby" is gone! Now I'm gonna take my phone and JAM it up that snooty woman's BUTT at the Apple store who said "I can't service this phone - it's obviously been tampered with"!!! Thanks! Now I just need to unlock and I'll be golden - can't wait to see if they unlock 05.13.04 in the days to come... hopefully before iPhone 4 releases!
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