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Thread: Upgrading to 4.0/Restoring to official 3.1.3

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    Default Upgrading to 4.0/Restoring to official 3.1.3
    Hey guys. This has probably been asked a million times, but I can't find a topic on it specifically.

    I've had two iPod Touches in the past, all jailbroken. Everyone's happy. However, I got an iPhone 3GS on contract last month. It's awesome (as iPhone's are), but the lack of SBSettings et al. was a bit of a downer.

    But then, Spirit! Hurrah! I backed up my iPhone, and jailbroke it in about 30 seconds. Life is good again. However, I've just been to sync it with iTunes to get some more music and, without thinking, it's backed up again - overwriting my previous, 'clean' back up.

    Now, if this phone was to break (so I'd have to send it back), or 4.0 comes out and it's so much better than I want it more than a JB'd 3.1.3, how would I go about doing it - preferably whilst keeping my contacts, and texts? If I restored this back up now, would it still be jailbroken, or would it be back to the happy, non-warrenty-voiding official OS? How about updating when OS 4 comes out? Would it brick it, PSP style?

    Much appreciated.

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    Well, about a week later. It was fine, but when I tried to sync to iTunes a couple of times, I got an error message. Paniced slightly, and restored back to a factory setting 3.1.3 (for some reason, when I restored to a back up, the "FakeCarrier" settings were still in effect). At least I know, if worst comes to the worst, I can get back to 3.1.3 (albeit losing my texts etc.)

    I imagine 4.0 will be the same - I can update without restoring, keeping my texts, but I'll lose all my custom text messages/themes/apps?

    Is there a way to back up texts to Windows, so you can have them in a notepad file or something?

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