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Thread: iTunes does not recognize phone once in DFU mode

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    Default iTunes does not recognize phone once in DFU mode
    I'm trying to downgrade, and when I follow the steps to place the phone in DFU mode (power/home button simultaneously), I get the first "beep" after about 10 seconds. I then release the power button and continue holding down the home button. After another 10 seconds or so, I get a very quick double beep. Is that what I should be getting, or should it just be a single beep? At this point the phone is in DFU mode (solid black/blank screen), but since iTunes won't recognize the phone, I can't start the restore process via iTunes. And just to verify, from what I've read you can validate that you are in DFU mode if you can't power the phone back on simply by pressing the power button, you need to press and hold both the power button and home button to start the phone back up, is that correct?

    Anyone experience this or know what I can try next?

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    Well if the phone is in DFU mode iTunes should recognize it and state that it is in DFU or restore more. From there you should be able to hold down shift on your keyboard and click restore or update (whichever one you’re trying to do). You can power the phone back on in DFU mode by simply just pressing the power button, it is turning the phone off is where you have to hold the power and home button. I am not sure what the beeps are, are you referring to when the computer recognizes the phone? Or are you hearing the beeps through the phone?

    Also here is a link to do it correctly, this is for a MAC but it is the same process for Windows, iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode. As you see in the steps it states to hook the iPhone up to iTunes then do the DFU process.
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    Boise, thanks for your response, but I've already read that iClarified article (along with numerous other ones). Yes, when I refer to the "beeps", I'm talking about the sounds the PC makes to confirm the iPhone has been connected/disconnected. I'm very familiar with this process because I've done it for my brother, but I'm at a loss on this one. I have iTunes connected and the phone is recognized, when I do the home/power button it goes into DFU mode (and makes the beep), then I release the power button, then it does the quick double beep, but iTunes doesn't give me the restore message or recognize the phone at all.

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    How To Put The iPhone Into DFU Mode, have you by chanced looked at this one, it has some file that you can download and it will put it in the correct mode.

    Do you need the phone in DFU mode? Because you can always just pop it into recovery mode by having the phone off and holding down the home button while plugging the phone in to the computer and keep holding it down till the phone shows the image with the USB and iTunes and do a restore that way.
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    I have already tried all three methods from the link you attached to get the phone in DFU mode.

    From my understanding the phone needs to be in DFU mode in order to do the downgrade to 3.1.2 instead of Recovery Mode. I can get the phone in DFU mode, but iTunes does not pick up the phone.

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    By chance is this a laptop or a PC that your doing it from, from my understanding some ports are sufficent for a computer to pick up the device, have you tried switching USB ports? I know it is outside the box but I have had issues with the USB port.
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    It happend to me a while ago
    here is the way to fix
    remove iTunes delete old setup then download setup again then install it is kinda wired but dose work and what is ur computer x64,x86

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    This is a desktop PC I'm using. I'm not sure the USB port is the problem since iTunes picks up the iphone prior to going into DFU mode, and still does if I take the iphone out of DFU mode. It just seems lost when the iphone is in DFU mode.


    So are you saying to uninstall/delete iTunes completely? Then reinstall the lastest version of iTunes again?

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