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Thread: Restore 3GS, 3.1.2, 5.11.07, 359.3 - SHSH for 3.1.3(??)

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    Default Restore 3GS, 3.1.2, 5.11.07, 359.3 - SHSH for 3.1.3(??)
    I recently purchased a refurbished 3GS. Jailbreak no problem. I got lucky and it had the old bootrom still. So no tether. Still on AT*T so don't care bout unlocking it.

    However, now that I"ve had it for a month, and have gone through various apps/settings/etc from Cydia/Rock/AppStore. I havet it setup the way I want.

    I'd like to restore it to stock to get rid of any lingering files from uninstalls. Jailbreak. Set it up the way I like. Nice and sleek .

    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    Iphone: 3GS
    Firmware:3.1.2 (currently using Fake 3.1.3 for an app)
    Baseband: 5.11.07
    iBoot: 359.3

    Cydia says I have my SHSH blobs for 3.1.3, though. I'm not totally sure what that means, and why its not 3.1.2 considering thats what I was on when I first signed into Cydia.

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    it only shows shsh's for 3.1.3 because that is the only firmware that apple is currenly signing...since u have the old iBoot (lucky you) you can create a custom ipsw using pwnagetool (mac) or sn0wbreeze (pc) and restore to 3.1.2 since custom firmwares do not require signing from apple

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    sweet. thanks for the quickreply. I used blackra1n to jb orignally. is that gonna matter?

    ok. got it restored. but no service. i'm on AT&T, so I didn't unlock.

    OK. I redid it 2 or 3 times already. I realized I should have *UNCHECKED* the Activate option.
    So I redid it.

    The phone gets to the Emergency Screen. but iTunes says it cannot read the iphone data. and now I can't activate it. It wants me to Restore (and update to 3.1.3). Which I DONT wanna do.

    Can I just restore it to stock (NON-snowed, straight from apple)? And then just go through the jailbreak process again? And will that solve my problem???

    My SIM sitll works, because I put it in my backup phone and i was able to send/recieve text. call my voicemail.


    ...ok one more time. No Activate. But Unlock w/ blacksnow or whatever it is for 3gs. Now It finds my carrier. I get signal bars. ATT 3G. stuck on emergency screen. Itunes says stuff about the SIM. as far as I know there was no SIM PIN. I was given a new SIM when I got the iphone (my old sim i've had since 2002 and still had cingular on it). So I never setup a PIN.

    ? ?
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    Did you have your sim card inserted while you did the restore to the custom firmware? It should be.

    You can't restore to stock anymore, only custom firmwares (well, you can restore to stock 3.1.3 but that'll mean no jailbreak).

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    yes SIM was inserted.

    i was able to get it kind of working by choosing to Activate and Unlock. It then gave me a signal through att and wasn't in the emergency call only. So I went through and isntalled a bunch of apps from cydia (queued all the ones I wanted). Then it froze on reboot. Just stuck at the apple logo.

    ok. i restored AGAIN. and its working. right now not messng with iTunes (don't really care if it works in iTunes or not as I use mediamonkey to do my music) and APpStore App to do my apps....

    i just feel like its takign TOOOO long to reboot.


    ok.. i got it working now but i had to use a Push fix, since i had to hacktivate it... grah. iTunes sees it now. hope a 3.1.3 solution comes out i can go back to being official on ATT

    Or if anyone can tell me how to do this so i can go back to official status on my ATT. with jailbreak.
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