Hi out there,

Am using MIVTones ever since it was released and am just lovin' it.

Whenever I jailbroke my phone using PWNage tool, I had issues with the program since the quality of the displayed videos were not as they used to be. Using any other jailbreak way settled the problem for me so far.

So here comes my newest issue:

I have the 3GS with old bootrom and am on baseband 04.26.08, came unlocked so free for any sim card. I was until 3 days ago still on 3.0.1 but since some of the programs were not working anymore but need an upgrade, I had to do something.

I did all the way with SHSH, BUT, it's only for 3.1.3 (TinyTSS & Umbrealla, so all this I have)
I pwnaged my phone with 3.1.3 and updated my phone with the custom file so now am on 3.1.3. with the old baseband 04.26.08. Everything works fine, EXCEPT my MIVtones. It wokrs, but the videos are of no good quality when displayed. This issue I only had whenever in the past I used PWNAGE tool.

Does anyone else have similar issues?

How can I get my phone now on a 3.1.2 sotfware? I don't have the SHSH for 3.1.2 or lower. Tried to use redsn0w 0.9.4 and it went through but I am still on 3.1.3....
Tried to recover in itunes with 3.1.2 but that doesn't work...

So does anyone have an idea on how I either solve the issue with MIV Tones (I contacted them several times but no response. I deleted and installed several times, no change. I cannot get the source http://vip.mivtones.com/cydia to work but I have bought the software) or on how I can get to 3.1.2 to do a redsn0w jailbreak?


I then used redsn0w 0.9.4 with 3.1.2 to try to get to the phone to be on an olde