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Thread: Iphone 3gs 3.1 jailbreak issues

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    Default Iphone 3gs 3.1 jailbreak issues
    Folks ,

    I really need your help here , some points I'm not understanding regarding the JB on those new IPHONE 3GS.

    1 - If you did not JB your phone on 3.0 or 3.01 versions , are you able to do now on those new JB versions of software ?

    2 - I make the process to grab my SHSH file thru UMBRELLA , it really generates me a .shsh FILE with 64 kb as instructed. Now , what I do with this file , since my phone is already on 3.1 firmware and never JB or register on CYDIA app ?

    3 - I made the process describe by saurik on his page. I made my phone connect on ITUNES using his server on HOSTS file. Now , is my ECID already registred on his server ?

    4 - Using this procedure , if i choose an 3.0 IPSW file , can I make it upload to my phone ?

    Sorry for many questions , that's because now all process are changed ...

    Best regards all ,

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    1. If you have iPhone 3GS with 3.0 or 3.0.1 fw, you can jailbreak it with redsnow and if you want also unlock with ultrasn0w.

    2. You can keep it for future fw releases. This means you will be able to downgrade to fw 3.1 (NOT 3.0 or 3.0.1!!!)

    3. It might be but nothing is 100% so keep the .shsh file also on your own pc

    4. NO, you cant, because you are running 3.1 and without ECID file stored on Sauriks server you CANT downgrade to 3.0

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    Default Ok , but ...
    IS the 3.1 3GS that was never jailbreaked , possible on this new version of REDSN0W or ICESN0W ?!! That's my doubt because seems if you have a out of box IPHONE or have upgraded to 3.1 without jailbreaking on 3.0 or 3.01 you are stuck for now ...


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    NO, it is NOT POSSIBLE to JAILBREAK official 3.1 FW for iPhone 3GS through redsnow, purplerain or others NOW.

    The exploit in the new fw was found and dev-teams are working on it so be patient and wait, nobody knows when the jailbreaking tools will be out, but we expect it soon..

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