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Thread: Jailbreak 3.1 3G[S]

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    Default Jailbreak 3.1 3G[S]

    I bought a 3G[S] on 3.0.1. I jailbroke it. Today i went to upgrade to 3.1 but accidently restored the original apple 3.1 firmware file instead of the custom 3.1 firmware. I do not have an ECID SHSH on file with saurik. Does this mean i am stuck without a jailbreak until a straight 3.1 jailbreak is released?


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    Im not 100% sure but i can tell you that you will not be able to jailbreak it if you dont have your ECID on file , and even if you will manage to jailbreak it in the future when they will release a straight foward program to do so , you will not be able to unlock it as the baseband is 5.something and not 4.something .

    Good luck anyway .

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    Your stuck.

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    thanks for the updates. i remember when i had cydia opened on my phone when it was 3.0.1 JB, and at the top of the screen it had a short line of text... cant remember exactly what it said but it was something like 'xxxx saved' or 'xxxx on file' or something. i thought that this would have meant that i could use sauriks server. the only reason i say that i cant is that i used the umbrella program and this said that i didnt have 3.0 or 3.0.1 blobs on sauriks server. can anyone help clear this up for me?


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    If you set everything up right (hosts & command line flags for umbrella) and you didn't successfully download a 3.0 or 3.0.1 SHSH from saurik's server, then they are not there.

    If you tried to restore to either version in iTunes with your hosts file setup right, and you got error 3002, that also means they are not there.

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