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Thread: [Howto] Create a 00.SHSH from your signed iBEC/iBSS files/folders

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    First off, Thank you. Thank you so very much for this posts and the other by iguru.

    I'm not sure how many success stories there have been but here is one for you folks.

    I've got an iphone 3Gs on 3.0, got in on the day it came out. When instructed to obtain the ibss and ibec for future use i did so. I messed up a few times copying per####.tmp files then deleting them but eventually saved the two file (ibss/ibec) as instructed.

    Just yesterday I noticed a new update for ultrasn0w was out so i immediately update. NOT SAYING ULTRASN0W CAUSED THIS (mobilewatchdog.bundle may have?) but my phone wouldn't boot beyond the applelogo and then shut off.

    I have an shsh file on saurik's server through cydia but it was only for 3.1 =\ I was pretty distraught to learn this as i didn't want to restore to 3.1. I mean my phone is worth a G right now unlocked =D. Anywho, I tried the umbrella/tinytss method to no avail, as i wanted to be back on 3.0 but couldn't because i didn't have a valid shsh file. I googled "shsh from ibss" and i stumbled this post.

    Luckily all those files required aside from the ibss/ibec were still in my deleted folder!!! I followed the instructions to the T with the shsh_tool build and was able to create a 00.shsh file. Then I used tinytss to direct iTunes to the counterfeited shsh file, opened itunes 9.x or whatever, clicked shift restore to iphone2, 3.0 (7A341) and didn't receive any errors!!!

    Again, thank you all so very much for you hard work. It is much appreciated! I was devastated when I thought I had to restore to 3.1. LoL


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    Default Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I actually stumbled across this post a few weeks ago and was able to confirm then that TheHeadFL's application also works for me, but I have been delinquent in expressing my thanks here publicly to him.

    I had been sticking with redsn0w'd 3.0.1 on my 3GS because I missed Saurik's signing server news in time to get my 3.0 signatures on file with him by mere hours. Boy, was I pissed (at Apple, not Saurik ). 3.0.1 was super-stable for me, and after all of the bad reports I was hearing about 3.1, as much as I like to play and experiment with things, I did not want to go down that road without the ability to get back to the status-quo if I needed to. I also became afraid of installing or updating any of my Cydia packages for fear that I would install something that would end up gumming up the boot process and thus force me to restore, which would suck since I would then mandatorily need to go to 3.1.

    I managed to stick with 3.0.1 through most of December, but then I started getting annoyed at all of the App Store apps (as well as updates to apps I had installed earlier versions of) coming out that required OS 3.1+. So I decided to scour the 'net to see if anybody had managed to come up with a way yet to either use the old iBEC/iBSS files we were instructed to collect during the 3.0 days to return us to 3.0, or to see if there was a way to produce a custom 3.0 IPSW that I could use to downgrade with after jailbreaking 3.1 with, say, blackra1n.

    I found that neither had been accomplished yet, but then I stumbed across this thread. I'm not sure how I missed it back in October...I guess I didn't check up on this place often enough. After reading it, I figured I was screwed because I was sure I had only bothered to save the signed iBoot files instead of EVERYTHING, and began to curse my fate yet again. But then I did a search on my computer's hard drive, and discovered that when I had updated to 3.0.1, instead of copying out the files manually, I had forgotten that instead I had used this automated iBSS grabber, which actually grabbed all of the files. I am a data packrat by nature, and I guess I kept everything that it grabbed rather than just keeping the files that we had been TOLD were important.

    My data packrat nature paid off in a big way, and I found these files again that I had kept! So I grabbed TheHeadFL's utility, ran it on the directory tree, and out came a .shsh blob for my ECID for 3.0.1!!! I tested doing a restore with it through iTunes using TinyTSS, and it worked!

    At that point, I knew I could go on to upgrade to Pwned 3.1.2, which I have done, and combined with ultrasn0w it has proven to be completely solid for me. I'm glad I had the patience to wait out everything and skip 3.1 completely, and the foresight to keep all of those files.

    I want to thank TheHeadFL for coming up with a way for me to use these files. I now not only have a 3GS that can use an untethered jailbreak, but which also is downgradeable to STOCK 3.0.1, thus ensuring that it truly is forever jailbreakable, even if I accidentally make some dumb mistake in the future (my new 3.0.1 shsh blob is triple-backed-up, too ). I just hope nothing happens to this phone, or that it doesn't develop some extreme defect that requires me to exchange it (the mute switch is already acting up -- *sigh* -- but I can live with that).

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    -- Nathan

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    Hey fellas, I managed to create a blob with the ibec and ibss files I had saved from 3.0 mixed with my own 3.1.3 files, surprisingly it seemed to work fine, the blob was generated and tinytss detected it no problem, I keep getting 1604 errors but I'm guessing because of windows 7, I need to find an xp machine to test it and see if it works.

    ps: if it matters I have a 3gs with old bootrom, I didn't upgrade out of ignorance but my phone got stuck in boot loop hell and couldnt find any other way to fix it other than restoring to... you guessed it 3.1.3.

    edit: tried it in a xp machine, goes through the verification fine, I can even see tinytss serving the certificate without any error msg's, the screen in the iphone goes white then black and itunes just says preparing iphone for restore for awhile then shows error 1604...
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    will this method work with 3.1.2?? heers

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    How did you manage to create the Blob out of the iBEC/iBESS FIles? Could you write a short Tutorial?

    Regards Rehner

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    I saved the img3 files from a restore to official 3.1.3 and combined in one folder with the 3.0 ibec and ibss files, I followed the procedure to make the blob posted here, however, my phone won't take 3.0, it goes through the "verifying with apple" with no errors, I can even see tinytss processing the request succesfully, but the phone won't go past the "preparing device for restore", and stops with error 1604, 1600 and 21, same as when trying to restore with pwned 3.1.3 firmware. I've given up, I'm just waiting for the htc bravo gsm so I can ditch the iphone and be done with apple and stupid devteam.

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    Hi I tried to make my SHSH files using your method during the restore of a custom 3.1.3 firmware (without baseband). I got these errors during making the shsh file.

    - ERROR: File not found for Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.n88ap.production/LLB.n88ap.RELEASE.img3
    - ERROR: File not found for 018-5306-002.dmg

    NOTE: My phone is 3GS 3.1.2(7D11) new bootrom and I don't have the SHSH files for 3.1.2 firmware on file or at Saurik's server. I also don't have the restore files (iBEC/iBSS etc) from a previous restore of 3.1.2 firmware.

    Is there any hope I could make the SHSH file?

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    Default I have been looking for something like this....
    Anything i can do to help let me know
    i phone 2 iPhone 32gb i know for certain that one is a oldbootrom and the other one i have not checked.

    i have access to both osx and windows. i have saved shsh files for 3.1.3, 3.2(ipad interestingly i got it with the umbrella with the ECID of an iphone), and 4.0

    i know i have stored shsh files of other iphones that i had before. i am not sure what shsh versions i have saved but i do have some .tmp and ibss and ibec
    let me know if you need anything, testing i am willing to be your iLabRat....

    Thanks for all the work.

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