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Thread: trouble downgrading to 3.0 even with ECID stored on Cydia

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    Default trouble downgrading to 3.0 even with ECID stored on Cydia
    here's my problem, I did have a 3.0 ECID stored on cydia.
    iPhone had locked up totally - so restored to 3.1. (very reluctantly)
    have been trying to downgrade to 3.0 with my hosts file changed to cydia as per instructions,
    but NO LUCK.
    What am I missing ?

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    You gotta give a little more info on whats going on really ?!? Pc/ mac etc did you get error messages it would be a litte easier to help

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    Default Same Boat...
    Ran my 3GS on Jailbroken 3.0 / 3.0.1 since the 3GS Jailbreak was available for the 3GS. I KNOW I had my stuff on file with Cydia - 99.99% sure.. For some silly reason I upgraded to 3.1 without thinking about it - and have tried downgrading at least 5 or 6 times using different ipsw's for 3.0 & 3.0.1 with no success. iTunes gives me the 3002 error as if I didn't have anything on file with Cydia - and yes I redirected my itunes to check Cydia's servers for a signature. So any help or idea's would be appreciated...


    3GS w/ 3.01
    Windows Vista PC.

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    OK... Mac 10.6.1 iTunes 9.0.1
    error message is always the same - unable to update to this version (or something like that)

    have tried many times ... to downgrade with no luck - have checked the hosts file many times... still no luck.

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    i am having the same problem....
    I changed my hosts file on windows 7 but it seems like it could be talking to apple as it still says inelebile for this version or something even tho i have 3.1 factory and im trying to go back to 3.0 factory and then ill use redsnow from there.

    did i do the hosts file wrong?

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    run tinytss and see what blobs you are finding

    "NOTE: found 3.X blobs!"

    that will let you know what cydia has.

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