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Thread: Question about DFU mode w/NO internet connection

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    Default Question about DFU mode w/NO internet connection
    Before I even get into my problem, I should make it clear. The method I have thought up requires having a copy of your ECID SHSH signatures. I have not figured out a way to magically bypass apple's firmware signing requirement, I just put the signatures into my ipsw file in hopes of having a true OFFLINE restore/recovery option.

    So, I turned off the wifi connection on my laptop, and I was able to successfully circumvent iTunes phoning home to Apple's signature server by modifying BuildManifest.plist inside the iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw firmware file. Only problem is I could only do it with the phone turned on (not in DFU or Recovery mode). It extracted the firmware, skipped the "verifying firmware" popup, then went into "preparing iphone for restore" popup. Then it generated a 3004 error, which I am pretty positive comes from not being in DFU mode as I have seen it before when I forgot to go into DFU mode for saurik's original method. Only problem is when I put the phone into DFU mode with no internet connection, I don't get the "itunes has detected an iphone in recovery mode. blah blah blah" message. Instead I get an error saying there is no internet connection and itunes can't contact the firmware server.

    So, does anyone know how to be completely offline and put a phone into DFU mode and have itunes play nice without spitting out the no internet connection error? If I could just get past that, I could successfully restore my firmware without relying on saurik's server or TinyTSS. And that would be awesome. Although I guess true offline is impossible since itunes has to be able to talk to at&t's activation servers. But still...

    What DFU mode is supposed to look like in itunes (online)

    What I get when in DFU and offline

    So annoying to be so damn close, and have itunes bring me crashing down.
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    my question is why is iTunes still trying to call out to Apple when you already bypassed the signature servers. What other verification is it looking for? Maybe it's trying to download 3.1 or something as it doesnt recognize your modded IPSW?

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    Recovery mode? vice DFU?

    Mind you i am not a programmer just a telephone tech so i could be WAYYYYY off base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trinity000 View Post
    Recovery mode? vice DFU?

    Mind you i am not a programmer just a telephone tech so i could be WAYYYYY off base.
    If you were suggesting I try in recovery mode instead of DFU, I just did. Why not, right? Same error as in the screen shot above. But DFU mode is a requirement for the restore to 3.0 (at least for me, if I don't use DFU mode, I get the 3004 error)

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    Oh well i am out of the 1 miniscule idea i had!!

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