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    So, i've been a iPhone user since day 1. I've gone through at least 5-6 iPhones within the past 3 years But this 3GS is a special one. So after a phone wipe, the phone has No more core app icons( phone,sms,camera etc...) But all downloaded apps show.

    I've jailbroken it with redsn0w, and has backed up the EDIC with cydia but im only approved for 3.1. So is it worth it to upgrade to 3.1 to just have access to the phone functions/core app functions. Or should i just wait it off and use my backup phones until 3.1 is jailbroken etc..?

    I've never used a iphone that isnt jailbroken Even the 2G i jailbroke it once it was available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExTrEmE99 View Post
    So is it worth it to upgrade to 3.1 to just have access to the phone functions/core app functions.
    That is completely up to you.

    In my case, yes it's worth it. I have been with Sprint and Verizon for the past 7 years up until last month when i got my iphone. So needless to say, I don't have a backup to stick my SIM in. And my cell is my only phone. As much as I like the jailbroken phone, having a funtional phone is the only thing I care about.

    But since I got my 3.0 ECID SHSH on saurik's server and a personal backup on my computer, I can still have a jailbreak with a functional phone.

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    one thing to remember in regards to using an official firmware update from apple. if you phone is permanently locked due to the new baseband, the resale value of your phone tanks. expect to lose 25% and MANY potential buyer.

    some people like me don't care if a phone is unlocked or not as i don't travel internationally much. However for others it a must. the way Apple is doing things now. unlocked phones will be a valuable rarity IMO

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    I can wait, thats for sure but would it be even possible for the dev team or anyone else to sign 3GS firmwares so people like me can format and start fresh with 3.0.1. As far ive read theyre only working on a 3.1 solution..

    If only redsn0w actually loaded a new firmware, and not just jailbreak it. So as of right now i have a iPod touch without the ipod function

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    As of right now, there are no stock apps( phone,sms,mail,safari) I get this "This URL wasnt loaded: search:// when i do a search for the address book.

    Think its possible to restore these apps via SSH or something? At the moment, im not able to SSH at home because the ip is funky, but i might have better luck at my friends house with a 192.xx.1.xx IP address.

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