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Thread: New iPhone 3GS with 3.1 FW

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    Default New iPhone 3GS with 3.1 FW
    Hey guys,

    as in germany, you can't easily get an iphone without a t-mobile contract, i was searching for a real long time how to unlock and maybe also jailbreak my new ordered iphone as i'm using mainly an other provider, and not t-mobile.

    so i made up my mind about how to jailbreak and unlock and everything. i was pretty happy when my iphone was delivered. but - as i have connected it with itunes i saw that there was already 3.1 FW on it (by deliverance). and as hopeful as i was i tried to downgrade it. this obviously didn't work for me. so i have searched half the internet for a way to get my iphone 1. downgraded 2. jailbroken and 3. unlocked.

    also i feel like searching for days i must admit that i don't understand in which way i can do something for now.

    so, my questions would be:

    1. what is my status quo to downgrade/jailbreak/unlock? any chances?

    2. also it's a pretty sucking question, i know: do you think it's possible to unlock it in the next few days or weeks? i know that probably no one could answer this, but i'm frustrated by having a new iphone without being able to use it with my old SIM.

    3. i'm a bit confused of sauriks statement. don't know what this ECID SHSH stuff means and how much it is relevant for me right know.

    i hope my questions aren't sooo nooby-like. please help me, if possible! THANKS!
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    you are in tough situation. in simple terms this is what it means if you have 3.1 firmware.

    1) You will not be able to unlock your phone ever, till this point no one has answer to that.

    2) You will be able to Jailbreak it however the solution is not out yet. you have to wait.

    3) 3gs phone have 16digit ECID that Apple verifies everytime you want to update your software. starting 3.1 Apple do not allow you to go back meaning to 3.0.1 or 3.0.

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    Yeah, I just got a 3gS and it has 3.1....

    I really hope a jailbreak comes out soon...

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    so this does not work?
    Ive got as far as itunes and restore to custom FW but it says the iphone canot be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.
    any ideas?

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    that is for 3g, not 3gs.

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    thanks for these information uguess.

    this really sucks badly.

    i don't want to send my iphone back to t-mobile.

    hope that anyone can hack this...

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    Hey, if you keep it, at least you got one of those rumored iPod Touch's with a camera

    I had one yesterday until I got the 3.0 restore all straightened out.

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    yeah my girlfriend just bought an ipod touch but this is pretty much cheaper for her than my iphone.... and i'm the big loser if i don't get it running

    i wonder myself if the dev crew and saurik are on downgrading 3gs 3.1 or on jailbreaking it.

    by the way: i've got big respect for all FW coders. even more if one would get me to my goal.

    a long time ago i've heard about additive sim cards which make it possible to use every sim in the iphone. i guess it was only for the 3g and not 3gs, hrm?

    ...must find a way...must use powers... ;D

    i just found some sites which advertise with software that could unlock 3gs 3.1 and that's not all - i found this little hardware device thingy on ebay which you can put on your sim card to unlock it in your iphone. both shall work with 3gs 3.1

    do you have any experience with this stuff? certainly it's an unserious nap...
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    It certainly is an unserious nap.

    Just use T-Mobile, deu(t)che
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    the stuff on ebay is VERY LIKELY a scam, preying on those of us DESPERATE to jb their phones. in conjuction to the fact that ther is NO jb or unlock released right now.

    if you do see something you can bet either GeoHot or the Dev team made it, or possibly Greenpois0n as a close third IMO. I very much doubt a solution will be coming out of China. there hs been no sim "chip" unlocks since 2.2 IIRC.

    EDIT: like this idiot:

    pre-selling an unlock that for all intents and purposes does not even exist. he already duped 9 people and could very easily just walk off with their $ and give them nothing, as we all know PayPal offers buyers ZERO protection unless your account is funded by credit card. even then its your CC that protects you. PP wount do squat.
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