Hi, I've had my (retail) iPhone 3GS 3.0 for a little over a month and wanted some pointers about jail-breaking. I know I should probably have done my research but I hope you can go easy on me...

So in the amount of time I've had the phone I haven't even connected it to iTunes yet. I basically haven't connected it to the computer/iTunes at all. I've read about the jail-break process a bit but haven't tried it yet so I wanted some pointers. I want to jail-break once it is ready for 3GS 3.1

Should I do any backups of my phone data with iTunes? Should I upgrade to iTunes 9.01? (or newer)? Should I do the "caching signature server" thing with Cydia right now before I attempt to do my first jail-break (hopefully it will be a 3.1 since I skipped on 3.0)

Thanks for your help!