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Thread: 3.1 COMMA STATE ISSUE & Downgrading

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    Default 3.1 COMMA STATE ISSUE & Downgrading
    I currently have 3gs 3.01 no jailbreak. I have hashed by SSID via iguru method. This means i have signed 3.1 SSID backup which i can go to anytime i want.

    however 3.1 upgrade is having lot of issue where people are complaining of freezes. What this means is that my backup of 3.1 means nothing. Once Apple comes out with 3.1.1 or 3.2 they will fix the feeze issue and they will not allow you to do future JB or unlock.

    Am i thinking straight. 3.1 is bad state of backup to be in. If you were lucky to get 3.0 or 3.0.1 you should be laughing.

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    At face value, you are correct, however as always, this will just be a cat and mouse game. Therefore, at least you have some reassurance that you can maintain your JB / unlock should something go sour.

    I too am kicking myself for this, I was approximately 24 hours lates for the 3.0.1 caching opportunity, and it may be something I'll regret for a while.

    Nonetheless, 3.1.1 will be JB, 3.2 will be JB etc. I have enough confidence in the dev team to be sure about this.

    Also you could look at it this way:

    Very few got their 3.0.1 cached, most have 3.0. 3.0 has known SMS vulnerability that allows complete control of iPhone by doing nothing more than receiving an SMS from a malicious user. Would you like to be stuck in that state? I'd rather deal with the freezes personally.

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