so i've read up quite a bit about jailbreaking.
been keeping up to date with saurik as well as following the posts on this forum.

but one question that keeps bugging me and as i'm pretty confused about it is...

i am currently on 3.0.1, jailed and unlocked,
i've got ecid copied to cydia the second time around,
not the first time, basically the one saurik has just recently opened up.

i've also gotten my 00ssh. through the umbrella program.

my question is, on cydia, it shows
"this device has a 3.1 ecid shsh on file"

but even though mines on 3.0.1 does that matter?
i was wondering because i wanted to upgrade to 3.1 in the future and jb and unlock.

should i upgrade to 3.1 now, lose unlock, get ecid for 3.1, then downgrade using tinytss back to 3.0.1?

really confused, any clarifications would be kindly appreciated.