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Thread: iPhone 3GS Freeze On Startup !

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    Quote Originally Posted by magcp View Post
    Thanks, I have read it and even tried it, but, I have a question, I didn't upgrade to 3.1 all what I have I made a full reset (3.0.1), and the only 64KB file that was generated was with -v 3.1 ????
    is that correct? even though, it didn't work and ITUNES gave me the unknown error.

    I'll try it again tomorrow, because, I'm very sleepy now, and will come back to you with the results,

    Thanks again for everything,
    Yes, that is most likely correct. Less than 0.005% of 3GS users have the ability to generate anything other than their 3.1 SHSH ECID.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecg19992 View Post
    The recommendation was a night's charge and try again;

    This is a full night connected to the mains;

    YouTube - iPhone after a night of charge
    Unfortunately, this is the same problem I'm having with my phone detailed here:

    Still looking for a solution.

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    I have tried it again to restore the 3.0.1 but, it gave me 1600 Error on ITunes any ideas???


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    i am also having the same problem my iphone freezed when i reset it i try to restore with FW 3.1 but i am not able to restore it i am getting error no 21
    please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anyway, I guess, I'm stuck with 3.1, I have been looking everywhere, but, no success, anyone want to play Racket till we find a solution !!!

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    It may say "Not Compatible" because you are trying to load the 3G firmware and NOT the 3GS firmware!

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    what happened with Dev team >.>

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    I had the same problem as people in this thread. I was lucky and it happened a day or so before dev team released pwnagetool

    Anyway I got a copy of a custom firmware, and updated 3.1.

    All works fine now.

    Took a few attempts to get it into DFU/Restore mode but was fine. I didn't get any errors.

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