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Thread: Apple's refuse to sign pre 3.1 restores probably illegal

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    Apple is pissin me off! I am about ready to dump the iphone (even though i think it is one of the best smartphones around) because of the way apple is trying to control it (netbooks are looking very interesting for the price now). We need to send letters and send emails by the thousands to get some attention. Its like buying a car and the manufacturer saying you can not do anything to that car without there permission and only do what they deem needed. Yes i agree it should be illegal for them to limit us to the OS that we install. ITS NOT THERE PHONE! I wish someone would write another OS to load on the iPhone and say to hell with apple.
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    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!

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    Default Sent a letter to the European Parliament ...
    Just for the record ...

    Sent a letter to the European Parliament a few days ago, expressing my concerns, that Apple's new practice to remotely control and dictate what operating system version we are allowed to run on our hardware devices, is violating our consumer rights.

    No answer so far, but well I didn't expect an answer within a day.

    If some EU citizens want to do the same, here is the link to the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Commitee of the European Parliament, which IMHO sounds to be the right address to send your concerns:

    IMCO : Presentation and competencies

    And here is a list of the members of the commitee including their email address, if you prefer to contact a member from your country directly (personal contact is always a good thing and you might write in your native language) :

    IMCO : Members

    I don't post a copy of my letter here, because its boring and probably prejudicial, if the committee will receive the identical letter signed with different names over and over again. So please write in your own words.

    If people from non-EU countries would post a similar link to their government representatives, this would encourage other people to file a complaint too.

    So at least for EU citizens there is now no more excuse for not taking personal action against Apple's firmware signing policy, because you didn't know, whom to contact.

    I don't know, whether it will provoke anything. At least it is a chance and it doesn't cost you a fortune other than spending a few minutes to write your letter. Post a short "me too", if you joined. It might encourage others to do so as well, if they read it.

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    I think that is wonderful. That is really the first step for a voluntee, a strong and knowledgable one to write such a letter. I think one is not enough and may not draw the attention needed. We need thousands of them. May be difficult for everyone of us, and the non-technical users, to write exactly what wrong with Apple did. So I still think that if someone good in english can draft something, like a template for the gerenal users to put in their name, and probably add one of two sentences of their personal anger, to Apple, or like you, to the European Parliament. I am from Hong Kong so I may want to send to somewhere else like the media, the Phones/IT magazine raise the profile of this matter. In think Apple needs to respond at some point after the momentum builds up.

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    Thanks goodman for your encouraging words.

    I think, I have some strong arguments, why Apple's behavior is not only wrong concerning the iPhone customers but even dangerous, if it would be adopted widely by the industry. And with theses arguments IMHO any serious politician cannot put it aside quickly as "the personal whining of a frustrated hacker" but at least has to investigate it a bit closer.

    Well my english is not good enough to express these arguments in a vibrant way. But if anyone is willing to draft something, I'd happily offer to add my thoughts and arguments to the task. If someone with a good juridical knowledge would join in, this would make such a template even more profound.

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    Default Apple can count on people's laziness ...
    Quote Originally Posted by goodman1501 View Post
    I think one is not enough and may not draw the attention needed. We need thousands of them.
    Well, seems our collaborative effort has already been exhausted with one.

    That is exactly the reason, why companies like Apple can do whatever they want with our iPhones - lock it to carriers, remove our jailbreak and wipe our Cydia apps on firmware upgrades and now even do a forced firmware upgrade on the sly, when all we want to do is simply restoring our iPhone to factory default.

    People are whining for hours in forums like this about Apple's new practice, but they are too lazy to take personal action - not even willing to write a simple letter and send it to Apple, the press or their government.

    No, I'm not angry, frankly I didn't expect much. But it is just a sad reality of human being ...

    Btw: Still no answer from the European Parliament. I'll wait another week and then ask kindly for a statement. Keep you updated.
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    Stop the nonsence guys! Just do it, someone do some legal action! I hate Apple, but I love my Iphone. Let's do a strike with sentence "Our phone is Ours, **** you Frank!" or "We purchased our own Phone, not renting Apple's phone, **** you Frank"

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    Default Screwed while traveling with NO Internet access...
    I absolutely agree with everyone who is upset and feels what Apple is doing is illegal.

    A few weeks ago, while on the road, my iPhone 3gs 3.0 went stupid and I was expecting business calls. Sadly, I was in EDGE service only because of how far away from big cities I was. I thought "No problem, I'll pull off at a rest stop and restore my phone". I had the 3.0 IPSW on my Mac Book.

    Well, I browsed to the IPSW file, everything started looking great until I realized that iTunes couldn't talk to "Mother Ship" (Apple) - so it refused to let me restore!

    What kind of crap is that? This was before I learned all about Apple refusing to sign 3.0 & 3.01...since that time I've made sure my SHSH blobs for 3.1 are ready for the future....

    So I was screwed: Couldn't restore 3.0 and couldn't GET 3.1 because of NO Internet access. The person who made the comparison of us computer users who need to re-install their current OS. I can't think of EVER receiving a message saying "I'm sorry, you can't re-install XP - you must upgrade to Vista"...that is RIGHT on the money! Even Windows Updates & OS X updates are OPTIONAL - you can choose NOT to install them.

    I have been an Apple lover since my first Apple II+ - and have literally had every system they've built since that time. And when the iPhone came out - I felt that Apple just keeps getting better and better. But it's MY damn phone, I paid for it, I should have the option to keep MY hardware at whatever version I want.

    Enough of my rant - I had to get it off my wife is tired of me picking fights with her (I'm JUST kidding). :-)

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