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Thread: Jailbreaking A Brand New iPhone 3Gs

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    Default Jailbreaking A Brand New iPhone 3Gs
    Hello All -

    I've been waiting to get a 3Gs and now wish I had at least a month ago. I just went to Best Buy and they had the 3Gs in stock - HOWEVER - I left my credit card at home so was using a check and they were having trouble with their system and it wasn't working. (yes, I had the funds) While waiting for thtem to sort it out, I decided to check the version. Surely, it had 3.0 on it since 3.1 just came out, but alas 3.1 was on there already. I told the salemen that I'd come back with cash since their system was down so didn't get it yet.

    Before the purchase I should have checked, but told the person that I write apps and needed to have 3.0 so asked that if they upgrade them as a service to please not do it.

    Weird part: The internet was down in the store seemingly as well so they had to take the phone in the back to activate it on a mac because the one at the counter wasn't working. He was gone for about 10 minutes. Hmm...

    Long Story Short - If I bought a new 3Gs today with 3.1 - using current tools and info - could I have it jailbroken by tonight?

    Thanks -

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    No. You can only currently jailbreak an iPhone 2G/3G on 3.1. Read about it on the Dev blog.

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    Okay - What i meant was could I get 3.0 working on it tonight - Thanks!

    Nevermind - I'm an idiot
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    apple should have some 301 left in stock i just got a replacement on saturday
    If it aint broke... you aint try'en hard enough

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    Question Hey thanks for that info! But... still some more questions :)
    Quote Originally Posted by fryfone View Post
    apple should have some 301 left in stock i just got a replacement on saturday
    Hi guys, i'm sorry to be ignorant, but as someone else mentioned above, they are just trying to get an answer to their questions - so please don't be harsh! I'm just as nervous/frustrated as the next person, but if anyone could clear this up - it may help others out too!

    1. Ok, so for the people who have purchased an iphone 3GS with version 3.01 (unjailbroken), if they jailbroke it using the 3.0 firmware, how do they get the ECID code from their phone without needing to do a restore, so that they can be safe for future, and will the 3.01 ECID allow to go back down to 3.0? Will Saurik's server be storing any 3.0 / 3.01 ECIDs or just 3.1 ECID now?

    I've been following so many threads all over the net lately, and I still haven't been able to find direct answers to this question. My case is, i recently bought a 3GS with 3.01 on there the same day apple did the block, and I returned it based on all the drama that was going on the net at the time. If i'm lucky, i still might be able to track down a phone again with 3.01 on there, but just want to know if i'm going to shoot myself in the foot again - or, now knowing what can be done at present, stay ahead of any future 3.1 dramas?

    Cheers guys, and a BIG thank you to Saurik, the dev team and others who have been working on this for us.

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