I have a 3GS with 3.1 FW and no it wasn't an accident so I admit I did it due to curiosity and clearly curiosity has killed the cat =)

So now I am trying to downgrade back to 3.0.1 or 3.0 so I went ahead with Saurik instructions to downgrade but I am stuck with 3002 error which I think means that I do not have my ECID on file although I am pretty sure that I allowed Cydia to back it up! Anyway, I do have my ECID, and both my iBEC.n88ap.RELEASE.dfu and iBSS.n88ap.RELEASE.dfu, so is there a way I can get to downgrading before the release of the redsn0w tool for the 3.1 FW? If so please tell me how?