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Thread: 3.0 3GS without any of the files

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    Default 3.0 3GS without any of the files
    I came here because I saw that this appeared to be the place that knew all about this IBEC/IBSS/SHSH stuff that related to the 3GS. I read through many of the articles, especially this one, and I could not find what I was looking for in help, which means that I get to be that newbie asking the dumb question.

    Am I just screwed by the fact that I didn't restore my iPhone 3GS when I got it to get the files in the first place? When I got it, I just purplera1ned it and forgot about having to deal with the signed files. And now, with 3.1, I can't futureproof my iPhone from big Apple. Is there a way that I can retrieve my necessary stuff, or should I wait for some exploit that will work using the 3.1 related files? I'm still on 3.0 and I am jailbroken, which means that it will suit me fine (unless somebody targets me with the SMS exploit), but I'd like to know if there is anything I can do but wait. Thanks for any help!

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    You have a few avenues open:

    1. ONLY EVER UPDATE with hacked ipsw's NEVER EVER EVER EVER update with Apple official ones.
    2. Pray that 3.1 has an unlock exploit. This would cover most of the concern about 3.0.x. The whole reason people have their panties in a twist is because 3.1 is locked tighter than a snare drum.
    4. Unfortunately its not possible to capture your challenge/responses for 3.0.x anymore. Apple simply responds with a pretty failure message So once you _DO_ update to 3.1 *THROUGH a pwnagetool ipsw ONLY* make sure you get saurik to store your HSHS's

    (I know I said HSHS... that's what they are.)

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    If your jb than you use cydia correct? Did u ever get that pop up about "make my life easy" or better yet when u open cydia on the top of the hm page does it say that this 3Gs has a ecid on file?

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    I never got that pop up... So I do not have the message that says that the 3GS has an ecid on file. I guess I am going to just have to hope for a new exploit for 3.1.

    Quote Originally Posted by xsemaphorex View Post
    1. ONLY EVER UPDATE with hacked ipsw's NEVER EVER EVER EVER update with Apple official ones.
    Does that mean that I might be able to upgrade to a jailbroken ipsw of the iPhone 3GS?
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    I forget what the scoop was but u might be able to jb again on purple rain and search for device to find your ecid while purplera1n is doing it's thing... Can some one chime in on this. I did for my previous 3Gs

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    Go to my post...

    You fit into Scenario 2 which means you are OK. When the hash option becomes available on Cydia (sometime soon I assume) then you will be able to store your files for 3.1, not 3.0 or 3.0.1 But, this will not matter because you will be able to upgrade to 3.1 using a custom firmware that does not affect your baseband so you should be able to maintain both your unlocking and jailbreaking ability without any problems. JUST MAKE SURE YOU NEVER UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE USING AN OFFICIAL APPLE RELEASE!!!

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