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Thread: Downgrade help

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    Default Downgrade help
    Hey guys n girls,

    was wondering if someone could help me (of course). I just got hold of a 3GS through the official carrier, with a legit contract etc, and since i assumed i wouldnt need the unlock and jailbreaking wouldnt be a problem i went ahead an upgraded to 3.1 for the hell of it like an ignaramus.

    So.. I've edited the hosts file to add saurik's server, but as it stands i have never submitted any of the ID's to cydia previously when i was on 3.0, so i'm assuming they don't have me 'on file'. So have i completely shot myself in the foot? What on earth do i go about doing at this point to either restore back to 3.0, or essentially i just want the ability to jailbreak my phone again at some point and retain the ability to jailbreak it in future.

    I admittedly found saurik's post a little confusing, so what steps should i be following? I'd be extremely grateful of anyone that could help! Thanks
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    Saurik's method won't do you any good unless he has your ECID files.
    The only thing you can do, is wait for 3.1 JB.

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    That's absolutely fine, so i'll be able to jailbreak through the normal method when it is released regardless of already upgrading through the official 3.1 firmware?

    It's just the dev teams post seems to imply that i may lose jailbreak unless following some certain steps (of which i'm not sure)

    Thanks for replying.

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    Right now a jailbreak doesn't exist for 3.1. What the dev team is saying is that you should have avoided restoring to a stock firmware at ALL costs because once jailbroken... always jailbroken. As far as your question about jailbreaking with the "normal method"... no one knows yet. Sit tight and wait.

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    Default Adding Saurik redirect file to the hosts file
    I am having poblems getting the redirect file to save in the hosts file. I tried it on my pc and mac. On mac tried it using textedit. on pc I tried just going through the c: drive and adding it won't save. Tried command promt unable to find file. need help

    Never mind, forgot to run notepad with admin rights.
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