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Mountain Dew Big Theme!

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Uploaded by bluewoodboarder - 2007-08-02
Author Author BluewoodBoarder
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dit: I added a Remove version of this theme to the .ipb that way it is just as easy to remove the theme as it is to add it! The Remove version will change all the files that were modified by the script back to the original stock files. To run it you can use this command:

./ -a "Remove" mountainDew

To install this theme use this command:

./ moutainDew

This theme is huge. It include sliders, calculator, keypad, carrier id, and much more. It even includes unlock and lock system sounds. This is only version one and it is created to be used with the script. It should take all of 30 seconds to install if you already know how to use the script. This is only version one. Give me feedback and let me know of any problems.

For information on the amazing script to install this theme visit:

Homescreen icons are old pop bottle tops. Sliders are mountain dew cans...

To give me feedback and talk about this theme visit the thread here:


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