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Calculator for Customize

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Uploaded by shaiss - 2007-10-09
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So after much time tinkering I was able to add the option to customize for swapping the calculator background. Heres the how to:

***The attached file contains backups of the original customize settings plist files and calculator background, but you should backup your own just in case.****

Step 1: Download "Customize Calculator Addon.rar" and extract it to a folder on your computer.
Step 2: Copy calculator.png to /Applications/
Step 3: Create a new folder in /private/var/root/Library/Customize/ called "CalculatorImages".
Step 4: Create a new folders in/private/var/root/Library/Customize/CalculatorImages/ called "Custom" (The BackUp folder will be autocreated by customize when you first run it).
step 5: Copy Silver.png and Lined.png from the extracted rar file to the "Custom" folder created in step 4.
step 6: Overright the original plist files in "/Applications/" with the 3 plist files from the extracted rar file. *See note above
step 7: Run Customize and you'll see "Calculator" at the bottom of the list. Tap that and you'll be given the option for using a new calculator background.

This should work, if you have any problems contact me.
I know, the lined.png is lame, but I did it quick so if you have other designes please let me know.

***This was tested with 1.08. As the developer releases new versions the plist settings file will likely change. I will update them accordingly.


  • Calculator for Customize
  • Calculator for Customize


2011-07-25 at 07:27 AM
how do i make my own