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  • China Getting Wi-Fi iPad This Week

    A reality few thought possible upon the iPad's introduction earlier this year will finally set in on September 17th.

    This morning, Apple announced that China will get the Wi-Fi iPad this Friday. The tablet will be carried by Apple's retail outlets as well as other authorized (but handpicked) dealers from that point forward. The 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB iPads will all be released.

    In China, the 16GB model will run you about $590. The 32GB and 64GB models cost $708 and $826, respectively. As far as anyone can tell, the Chinese Wi-Fi iPad is remarkably similar - if not outright identical - to the iPads we call our own. Still, it isn't clear if the 3G model will ever make its grand debut in China, as Chinese government and regulatory officials have concerns about widespread 3G iPad use.

    While it appears that the biggest beneficiaries of today's news are the Chinese people, the biggest winner, in fact, may be Apple. the Cupertino-based tech giant promised to roll out the iPad in many more countries before the end of the year. And with a population of better than one billion now in iPad-territory, sales of the revolutionary tablet will at least be initially curbed by the high price of this "luxury device" in mainland China.

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