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  • Apple: The Biggest Player at CES Who Didn't Show Up

    Apple is all over this year's Consumer Electronics Show. And that's pretty remarkable when you consider the fact that Apple isn't even there in an official capacity. Come to think of it, Apple hasn't been to CES in 21 years. But it's presence is unmistakable in Las Vegas this week.

    You would be hard-pressed to find many booths that don't offer some accessory or contraction that works with (or was designed specifically for) an Apple product. CNN reports that approximately 500 of 3,000 vendors at CES have Apple-related products on display.

    There are more iPhone and iPad adaptors, docks and dongles than you could possibly imagine. Vendors are showing off iPad camera rigs, solar-powered Mac batteries and even an iPhone-connected plant sensor. And then there's the sea of bedazzled and bedecked iPhone and iPad cases.
    "Apple owners have a demonstrated willingness to spend for accessories, cases, and other customizations," says Charles Govin, an industry analyst with Forrester. "Essentially, the potential return on investment is more promising for Apple-related products."

    Another factor for strong Apple product creations is "Apple's tight focus" on a few products and form factors. "Accessory makers can reach virtually the entire installed base of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners with two products, determined by the connector," Govin adds. "Similarly, a case maker must create many SKUs for the Android market, but essentially only three (iPhone 3G, 4, and 5) for the entire iPhone market."

    Source: CNN
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    1. cmwade77's Avatar
      cmwade77 -
      Umm, I believe you mean contraption, not contraction.
    1. RyoSaeba's Avatar
      RyoSaeba -
      Apple will never show "up-coming" products until its actually coming. That's why they don't do CES.