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  • Google CEO Larry Page Shares His Insight on Tech Rivalries

    In a recently published interview with Fortune, Google CEO Larry Page lamented the “island-like approach” companies have taken in commercializing the Internet, as services from Google, Apple, and Amazon don’t seem to integrate well with one another. He said it is “a shame” that the three biggest technology companies are competing with one another with completely different business models.

    Apple tends to make its money off of hardware, while Google sells advertising that accompanies its free services, and Amazon opts for a low-margin, high-volume approach to selling items along with content from its Web-based store. According to Page, “all the big technology companies are big because they did something great. I’d like to see more cooperation on the user side. The internet was made in universities and it was designed to integrate. And as we've commercialized it, we've added more of an island-like approach to it, which I think is somewhat of a shame for users."

    He continued by saying he feels it “would be nice” if his company got along better with its rivals with cooperation giving users the opportunity to “suffer” less. "We try pretty hard to make our products available as widely as we can. That's our philosophy," he said. "I think sometimes we're allowed to do that. Sometimes we're not." When questioned about whether Google has been in talks with Apple in order to resolve some of the issues, Page mentioned that the two sides do talk

    When asked whether Google talks with Apple about resolving some of these issues, Page simply said that his company has a "big search relationship" with Apple, and that the two sides do talk. The interview didn’t touch much on the recent reports regarding the patent litigation between Google and Apple though.

    Overall, Page seems to have a consumer-friendly vision for the future of the technology industry and as consumers, we should sympathize. Whether or not the big players in the industry participate in cooperation won’t be up to us, but we can certainly hope they do.

    Source: Fortune
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      I'll have to read the article. But if he doesn't say anything eluding the fact that any "consumer" that actually takes a side is corny & pointless, then i'll feel like a golden opportunity was missed.