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  • New Photos Show Apple's Oregon Data Center From The Clouds

    Apple has been doing a lot in the clouds lately, but today's headlines come directly from the clouds - as in the clouds in the sky. On Friday, the folks at Wired published new images of Apple's Oregon data center taken from an aerial vantage point.

    Having been commissioned by Wired, the shots in question were intended to provide some clues as to what Apple is doing on the northwestern corner of the United States. Not surprisingly, Apple doesn't like being open and candid about its data centers.

    So while Google and Facebook have opened up their doors to Wired reporters over the past year, Apple has not only rolled up the welcome mat. They’ve disconnected the front doorbell.
    Late last month, the team at Wired took to the clouds and "sent our iSpy plane over Prineville, where Apple has just broken ground on a $68 million data center, just down the road from Facebook." So do the photos really show us anything that's particularly informative?

    Not really.

    But the photographs lend some perspective to the massive space that Apple occupies and confirms the existence of Apple's tactical data center. So if you would like to see more of the photo gallery from Wired (unless you're afraid of heights), click here.

    Source: Wired
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