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  • NTSB Gives Boot to RIM's BlackBerry for iPhone

    BlackBerry has been given the boot by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). For Research in Motion's struggling smartphone, it's another critical loss to a government agency that is not mincing words about why BlackBerry was no longer sufficient for the organization's needs.

    The agency says BlackBerrys "have been failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate." As a result, 400 agents will be turning in their BlackBerrys for the new iPhone 5. It's all part of the NTSB's effort to secure "effective, reliable and stable communication capabilities to carry out its primary investigative mission and to ensure employee safety in remote locations."

    As MMi has reported routinely in the last few years, national-security departments and agencies like the Defense Department, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Transportation Security Administration have already dumped BlackBerry for iPhone.

    But according to Paul Lucier, RIM's vice president for global government solutions, government agencies continue to trust BlackBerry. "BlackBerry remains the most reliable, secure and robust end-to-end mobile communications platform available," Lucier tells USA Today. "We have 1 million government customers in North America alone who depend on BlackBerry, and more than 400,000 government customers worldwide upgraded their devices in the past year."

    Source: USA Today
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    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      Yeah they upgraded to iPhones lol clearly bb still have their rosť tinted glasses on
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      "ensure employee safety in remote locations." Get a satellite phone if you are worried about having a signal most anywhere. My 4S still suffers from the signal loss death grip. Don't know if they fixed this in the 5 or not but I think it's a joke.