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  • Cydia Unveils New 'Timeline' Feature, Replaces 'Changes'

    Users with jailbroken iOS devices, and with Cydia 1.1 may have noticed a change to the "changes" section of Cydia over the past twenty-four hours or so. In fact, "changes" is completely gone, and has been replaced with a new bottom button, the Timeline section.

    Offering similar functionality to the changes section, the Timeline section has a top section devoted to Cydia tweaks and apps that need updating. Below it, you'll still find all the updated Cydia packages, as well as anything new added to your repos. However, Timeline adds a twitter-like hashtag section that includes promoted and popular types of files, a quick glance at my Timeline suggests similar hashtags to what I might see trending on Twitter: #LadyGaga, #JustinBieber, and #ManchesterUnited (I did also get #SpaceJam, which gave me a nice chuckle.)

    A tap on one of these tags links to a promoted Cydia package. For instance, a quick tap on #LadyGaga linked me directly to "Gaga Bolt Battery HD - A Lady Gaga influenced Battery Theme." Not my cup of tea, but it should be a fun new way to discover popular cydia packages on your own.

    The Timeline feature should be rolled out completely to Cydia 1.1 devices at this point. Now I'll just have to wait until #SpaceJam pops up again…. Happy modding!

    (and remember today's date )
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